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  1. I Am having this exact issue. My brand new UM2 has been doing it since new. I am now negotiating with my local dealer to replace the unit. They have now even changed my entire z axis to no result! Who did you buy the printer from?
  2. My reference id at Imaginables or my ticket id?
  3. Iprint 3d in Perth Western Australia and they are all through Imaginables.
  4. The bed rides free and easy in all spots up and down. The machine has been doing this since new and even with the included files on the sd card. The feeder doesn't skip at all and feeds smothly. The temps stay stable in bed and head +/- 1c I have got the banding to as low occupancy as I can but it is still ruining my prints. I thought I had nailed it with turning the build plate off but that only worked on a tiny calibration cube and then the same settings on a bigger print caused the same results. I tried submitting a ticket and was then directed to my resseler who cannot diagnose the issue either.
  5. Did you end up fixing the issue. ? I have for the same problem with my new ultimaker 2 since I bought it
  6. Ok have now levelled it the same with the bed on and with it off and it gives me the same result either way. Some models Don't look perfect with the bed on Only a 25mm cube.
  7. ok, Fixed It, Just re levelled and Tried a print with no heated Bed Its perfect, then the same file with the bed on and its horrible. How can I fix this as I cannot print large parts now
  8. ok, Z axis is clean and greased. Have tried layer heights from 0.06-0.25 and temps from 190C-230C And with the Bed turned of gives same result!
  9. Hi Sorry haven't been active! Yes have tried printing all different Temps Between 190-230 and speeds from 25mms -65mms with the same results! The filament is consistent in thickness and the temp is +-1 degree the layers actually stick out as if over extrusion at those points
  10. Hi, My ultimaker 2 is giving me some weird prints, no matter what I do I get horizontal banding on the prints have tried all different furmwares and cuts verions. Please help!!
  11. Hi guys. Just received my ultimaker 2 a few days ago so excited!! But all the prints I can get off it don't look great? Layers look like they don't line up Have levelled bed multiple times as well. Here are my settings 0.12 layers. Gives same result with any layer height She'll thickness 0.8 Top thickness 1mm Fill 50% Print speed 50mms (have tried much slower with same results ) Temperature 210 ( have tried 205 and up to 230) Ultimaker red PLA and other colours Have done atomic pull multiple times and not help Please help
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