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  1. Oh thank god. Someone saved the installer for the only version that doesnt break Sailfish machines.
  2. I've been in rapid prototyping on FDM for almost 7 years now and I've noticed something with Cura that none of the other slicers seen to cause. Same print, same settings, across different slicers - something seems to be going on within Cura that's causing the X and Y skips, seemingly related to accelleration. Before I start, I want to note that one of the issues identified was when you use a Sailfish machine with it. The fan code for Marlin is the "disable acceleration" (m127), so before going forward, to rule this out, ice changed it in the gcode to m126 (instead of the m127 T0 that cura
  3. I believe I listed most of that in the post. Also, lower support distance referrs to it being on top of the mesh, not the plate, and interface is the top, neither of which have anything to do with this particular situation. Its the first layer, the very first layer of the print. And this is with any model needing first layer of under .12mm.
  4. Using CURA 2.4 Beta - Need to set support first layer to a lower value than 0.12mm. Model first layer set to 0.1mm but support first layer is aparently locked to 0.12 at the lowest. so what ends up happening is it doesn't lay support around the model mesh, only the support itself, and skips the first layers of the model and doesn't lay a brim for it, it only lays a brim for the support structure itself. This means the model is not touching the plate, even though the mesh is. Can't find the setting to tell it that I need support first layer to be 0.1mm too. Where is this setting? They are all v
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