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  1. To all who have responded. Thank you so much. Forgive me for being quiet for a few days while I tried out your excellent advice. As usual I was too near my problem and had overlooked the obvious. Some little more squish was, at the end of the day all that was needed. I turned the first layer flow up to 150% and the result immediately improved. Magigoo and glue stick did just as well. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Smithy ive tried Magigoo and glue stick but always the adhesion is bad at point shapes and curls away from the bed as the print progresses. That’s why I tried the adhesion sheet. Am trying liquid Dimafix at the moment - arrived this morning. Raft or skirt would work but would give a lot of post print work so I’m trying to avoid. After this run I’ll try another make of glue stick but they are probably all very similar.
  3. I have had some issues with a complex model, warping a little at the some points on the build plate on a S5 using PLA. I have tried adhesion sheets and they have solved the problem in that the print di0s not warp at the build plate, however releasing the print is extremely difficult and has resulted in destroying the print and the adhesion sheet.. Any experience or advise on printing with adhesion sheet would be greatly appreciated.
  4. @Dim3nsioneer @Szahari Thank you for your advice. Interestingly I noticed that subsequent print core fills where the same material is used and purges on material changes seemed to gradually change - almost as if there was some kind of bedding in or "learning" going on. In any case after about 8 prints the execution of the print preparation cycle has returned and now the volume of "lost" priming and de-priming material Id say has reduced. Once more - thank you for your support.
  5. @Dim3nsioneer Many thanks for this advice. I will reinstall as you suggest. @Szahari the issue seems to be settling down to some extent. Now when I do a complete material change, both bay and material type a complete purge cycle occurs. If I maintain the material type then the prime cycle does not completely fill the core until after printing has started. I have some prints running at the moment but will report back on Dim3nsioneer’s advice.
  6. I have installed 5.6.8 and now the filament does not fully prime the print core. Even when I ask for blob or skirt there is no actual extrusion until after a few lines have been missed on the lowest level. Is there a fix for this?
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