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  1. Hi all, We've released a small update for the Ultimaker 3. You can upgrade to 5.2.16 as of today. This gives the Ultimaker 3 some more functionality within the Digital Factory. Release notes: · Digital Factory integration. Print jobs sent via cloud show print job preview images in the Digital Factory. Printer discovery including connection, cancelling, and removal have been made more robust · Digital Factory functionality. The Ultimaker 3 will be able to start, stop, pause, and resume print jobs remotely · Updated UI elements
  2. Hi all, firmware 5.8.2 is now available for your S-line printers. check it here:
  3. Hi all, Today we've released another patch upgrade for the S-line printers - you can now download firmware 5.8.2. In this release we have introduced a loading error wizard for the Pro Bundle which catches errors whereby loading would have failed. The wizard provides the user with a chance to recover from this error. Read more about this wizard here : ultimaker.com/loadingwizard Furthermore, improvements to the NFC reading mean that the Pro Bundle should more often correctly read the filament type and material left. Release notes: Introduced load
  4. Thanks fsaraji, So what you encountering is all known behaviour - PVA will only retract after 60 hours of being parked above the filament. PVA is in particular vulnerable to brittle breakage. I'm afraid that the reason you are encountering the unload button being grayed out is because of your tendency to manhandle the machine, as you describe in your first point. The machine is not designed with the intention of constant reboots. You should give it time until its processes are completed. So if in your eagerness to remove material you power down the machine, before you c
  5. Hi @fsaraji, Terribly sad to hear the pro bundle still doesnt meet your expectations. Could you please elaborate a little more on your usage of the Pro Bundle, and where exactly our shortcomings are? You claim that manual violence is needed to manually unload the filament, but this is simply, not true. The Pro Bundle will display the material as engaged as long as the material is forwarded into the printer - so this could be either in the printhead, or whilst its parked above it. After a print job, once the confirm print removal button has appeared - and it therefore is
  6. Hi Link, Cramped roadmap is still cramped. Its actually very difficult to reach an uncramped state 😅
  7. Hi all, We've released a new patch upgrade to firmware 5.8.0 today. All Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3's will be able to upgrade, but the main added value is for the S5-Pro Bundle. You can read the full release notes here. Notably though, I would like to highlight the following: Unload button on screen. With firmware 5.8.0, a new feature was introduced whereby after a print filament was parked above the printhead, before subsequently retracting to the Material Station. This occurred on a timer. We have now added an unload material functionality on the display of th
  8. Hi jkcz, i totally understand. Regarding the nozzle staying above the part, could you perhaps share your models 3mf with me so I can try investigate? You can send it to me via a pm.
  9. @jkcz I dont know of any tricks to get around it, but there are still many tricks the devs have that will show up in upcoming firmware(s) that will likely tackle this issue
  10. Hi all, I was beaten to the punch by Link, but here it is officially too: Firmware 5.7.3 has been released for the S-line printers. Theres some much requested features in there, such as the Material Station lights being adjustable for the pro Bundle and the camera streaming images over the cloud in the digital factory (both S5 and S3) You can read the full release notes here. Enjoy!
  11. Hi Huib, your ticket was received in well and good order! we're working on the ticket, and you'll hear back before the end of the day ! Also gonna look into why you got that email! Best
  12. In the investigation of the issue, its been noticed that the following lines are always found in the log files UM3 printers that are affected by the shifted / split screen: Jun 12 19:44:59 ultimakersystem-ccbdd300169b kernel: Modules linked in: nls_iso8859_1 nls_cp437 vfat fat lm75 af_packet arc4 gpio_pca953x ath9k_htc uvcvideo ath9k_common videobuf2_vmalloc leds_pca963x videobuf2_memops ath9k_hw videobuf2_v4l2 ath videobuf2_core uas mac80211 videodev evdev media cfg80211 rc_cec sun4i_backend sun4i_ts axp20x_usb_power gpio_axp209 axp20x_pek axp20x_adc industrialio at24 sun4i_g
  13. Can you show us pictures of how exactly misaligned the print is coming out? If the XY calibration is successful, then maybe theres some Cura print settings that can be improved? If you have spare print cores also lying around, it could be trying to use them to see if theres a difference in behaviour.
  14. Hi Jason, Thanks for your feedback! I think we learn something new all the time about usage into the printers. I think it wouldn't be an impossible task to restore the functionality. The use case you've mentioned is outside something that we would normally consider however, but its always great to see how people are using these printers. I'll go ahead and poke around and see what can be done in terms of restoring this functionality. As always, the more demand the better it is to get priority on something, so if more likely it is to get picked up sooner rather than late
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