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  1. I just installed Cura 4.8 and was looking at plugins and saw the infamous barbarian units plugin was listed many times on the most popular plugins lists. Turns out we're quite a horde! Thanks again--a few years later--to @nallath
  2. haha as long as I get credit for coining it. Conversion via plugin is fine. I can print in mm units without issue. it's really only an annoyance when I open a small part that I need scaled. the rest is fine. my brain works fine in mm. it's the bosses and customers and their customers that are the true barbarian kings.
  3. those who relegated the users of inches to barbarian status... I'm calm, just annoyed.
  4. Are you really rehashing this topic? The ultimaker community is not the driving force behind what units are used in the world. You are punishing the users for something they may have no control or influence over. but go ahead and promote dimensional righteousness via melted plastic.
  5. 15.02.1 I suppose there's no reason I can't use a regular version of the software with my machine profile, is there?
  6. Other than sticking the python script into the plugins location, should this work with the lulzbot version of Cura? Or am I being a naive barbarian?
  7. I'm OK with the software insulting me. I'd even consider sending you a beer in your favorite liquid measurement units.
  8. I get grumpy too. I'm not trying to convert the rest of the world. I'm just trying to resolve my own issue. Think of it like giving someone with a broken leg a pair of crutches rather than telling them they're a lesser human cripple and to just to walk on it like everyone else. I've tried multiple times before 3D printers were mainstream to get these guys to convert to metric only. I can certainly try again. It doesn't address the thousands of preexisting designs we have though. On the upside, at least our optics and related components are metric. Too bad the printer wont do those justice.
  9. You guys are giving me a pretty low opinion of your open source community. I'd rather be linked to a post of daid saying "never gonna happen". all my love, -the stupid barbarian who needs condescending history lessons about wars and exploding rockets
  10. I'm not using Creo Elements/Modeling PE, but rather Creo Parametric. It saves STL files in whatever units the model is created in and there's no option at the output to change it. The process to change units is probably about 12 or more clicks and then when I'm done exporting, I have to do it all over again to revert back to inches. Doing the conversion in Cura is certainly shorter, but sometimes the models come in and are too small to see.
  11. I'm going to bring this up again without hopefully starting a "use the metric system" pile-on. My work uses both. But mechanical parts are almost always in inches and not metric. Creo, our 3D software can use both. Cura cannot. Every time I load a part, I have to zoom way in to find it so I can select it and scale it up. It is tedious and typing in the conversion is potentially error-prone and clearly I'm not the only person with this issue. I'm not here for a debate. I'm here to add my name and post to the list of people who want the ability to work in inches in Cura.
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