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  1. i found an old 3d printed roll holder i printed a while back . now i am using it . as my old setup the reel fell down as there is no edges to the bearings . but now i greased the rotating reels . and now it turns like a charm . and is study in place . it turns now smother than a 1000$ reel
  2. in my work i have prints with 5 - 10 objects and for the print head retracting and moving from one object to the other made a lot of oozing on all parts . so yesterday i put a chair near the printer and watched it ozz wile it is printing . and have seen that if the material on the spool have a bit of slack just a bit then the oozing will be less . so i stopped the print , looked behind the printer and tried to turn the spool on the spool holder . but i felt a light resistant . nothing obvious but really slight resistant as the plastic of the spool have much contact surface on the spool holder which made more friction . "and being a fisherman in heart and soul " i got my fishing reel lubrication oil and i i lubricated the reel holder . just 3 or 4 drops . and the spool is turning like charm . fired the ultimaker2 again and noticed that the oozing this time is 80 - 90 % less . but 80-90 % is not good enough . so i watched it again while it was printing and this time for over an hour . but i have noticed that the bowden tube was arched more than it should be . more investigations into this mater . and i have found out that the pla material in it is making this pressure on the bowden tube . because of the memory of the wind it had in the spool . so best thing i thought of is to reverse the direction of spool but that will brake it . and the closest thing i got to a wire straitner is that i have taken the spool from the back of the ultimaker2 and but it in its side . so the bend in the pla while it is getting in is against the bend in the bowden tube . so this made as a makeshift straitener . i used some old fishing reel bearings on a makeshift spool stand. fired up the ultimaker2 again and this time no oozing what so ever . nothing 0 nada ..... 5 prints after that still 0 oozing . hope this can help .
  3. with the pla i thought to get lower oozing i need to go colder not hotter ? or is not correct ?
  4. hello , i would like to know how to change the roll of pla after it is finished to another pla roll i have ultimaker 2 for almost 2 weeks now and i am very happy with the results . but now the spool of pla is almost finished . how do i change the pla spool ? i was thinking of unload material button . -> take the pla out of the loader -> then add new material - and let it extrude around a minute or two . then i am good to go ? also in the last few prints i am having a big oozing problem and also some layers are not stock very good together . but i think this is because i am printing at 0.2 mm layer hight and 100 mm speed and 150 travel speed at 203 c . so how do i change material ?
  5. hi gr5 , thanks for the fast replay . have been reading your posts here for the last 5 weeks or more . and i am delighted that i can get a person like you to help me . really thanks . and thank you Ultimaker for this opportunity G.A
  6. hello , i have my new Ultimaker 2 for 4 days now and i noticed that while it is traviling it makes loud gurgling noise .. that i don't think it is normal this is a movie where you can hear the sound after several seconds you can hear the print head noise while it is moving to the next layer https://www.dropbox.com/s/nz4pjuv2h4ui2li/2015-08-27%2022.00.12.mov?dl=0 0.1 mm layer height pla 50 mm speed 150 travel speed Sorry for my bad english as it is my third language . G.A
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