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  1. neone

    Soms drolletjes

    Hey, Als ik je goed begrijp wil je bvb een pyramide uitprinten en de punt ervan is een drolletje geworden? Als dit het is, heb ik hetzelfde probleem, en dezelfde mogeljike oplossing. Dit komt omdat hij mathematisch correct aan het printen is, maar de vorige laag is nog niet volledig droog zodat alles een beetje in mekaar stuikt. Eén oplossing zou idd kunnen zijn om meerdere objecten tegelijkertijd af te printen, zodat er meer tijd onstaat tussen de opbouw van de verschillende lagen. Maar zijn er misschien nog andere opties? Ik zou ze ook graag horen :-)
  2. Michiel Dusselier, een bio-ingenieur van de KU Leuven, heeft de Eos Pipet 2016 gewonnen. Met die prijs bekroont het wetenschapsblad Eos de meest beloftevolle jonge onderzoeker van het jaar. De jury looft de 30-jarige Dusselier voor zijn "inventieve oplossing om bioafbreekbaar plastic op een meer milieuvriendelijke en eenvoudigere manier te produceren". Schoner, efficiënter en goedkoper Het bioplastic polymelkzuur (PLA) wordt nu gemaakt van suiker. Het productieproces is echter omslachtig en een pak duurder dan de productie van klassieke plastics uit aardolie. De bio-ingenieur werkt met zeol
  3. Version 1.0


    These are some concept scale models for a resting chair design I'm working on, almost ready to try it out.
  4. Hi all, In the meanwhile I created another 21 grams object, a cube the size of 1 inch and the exact weight of 21 grams: [print=4972][/print] I thought this one was done, till I found this little platonic shape called a regular tetrahedron. This could possibly make the object even smaller (every side is 1 inch). But now I'm in this pickle to find a suitable material to give it the weight of 21 grams. Can anyone help me out here? This one is growing above my head thnx a lot in advance.
  5. Here you can find some answers to two questions: why 21 grams and why 1 inch: the story around the totem design
  6. will do SandervG, in time. Right now I just discovered another possible shape for it, I'm in the middle of trying it out.
  7. I recently made another study around the 21grams/1inch object: [print=4972][/print]
  8. neone


    Version 1.0


    This is an update of the 2.1 design. It's a cube the size of 1 inch and weight of 21 grams, combining 21grams, the symbolic weight of ones soul with a dimension of 1 inch ( Any Given Sunday – Pacino – Peace by Inches /Valerie’s letter from V from vendetta ): It’s something small, but also an essential thing you can hold on to, a reminder of those moments, like I mashed them together into this piece. How to make: Print a hollow cube the size of 1 inch. After printing add dirt to the material by creating a small opening on the side till you reach 21 grams.. Close the side
  9. thnx for the feedback all I'll certainly have a go at these suggestions one day.
  10. thanks for the tips, I'll maybe try them out one day. But I'm still a bit reluctant with "overclocking" this machine
  11. talking about fortune cookies, maybe I can come up with something ...many thnx for the reaction meduza!
  12. hihi kinda I know this sound kinda weird, but I was just wandering around this, fragile multilayered filaments, that you ought to break to reach the inner layer sorta speak, a bit like a fortune cookie that you need to break before you see the message. ...if I make any sense lol
  13. I'm on the lookout for a fragile filament, if it exists. Not that fragile that it breaks while looking at it, but for instance when you squeeze your hand it would break, or when you let it fall on the ground. Does such filament exist? just wandering really, I'm brainstorming around some things.
  14. Thnx Robert, It does not really have to be a single material, so maybe that's another option indeed. And I'll have a look at those other metal filaments for sure.
  15. Hi there, Right now I'm busy with a little art project called 21 grams dealing with objects that are having that exact weight. To make things a bit more complicated it has to be a cube that is 1 inch (2.54cm). Right now I'm printing a solid (colorfabb) white pla cube but it states it will be only 20 grams in cura. I'm kinda hoping that after the finish, it will arrive at the 21grams point, or that the tolerance will take care of things and it will turn out to be 21 grams after all. Just in case these options do not work out. Are there by any chance heavier filaments available to work with?
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