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  1. Version 1.0


    These are some concept scale models for a resting chair design I'm working on, almost ready to try it out.
  2. neone


    Version 1.0


    This is an update of the 2.1 design. It's a cube the size of 1 inch and weight of 21 grams, combining 21grams, the symbolic weight of ones soul with a dimension of 1 inch ( Any Given Sunday – Pacino – Peace by Inches /Valerie’s letter from V from vendetta ): It’s something small, but also an essential thing you can hold on to, a reminder of those moments, like I mashed them together into this piece. How to make: Print a hollow cube the size of 1 inch. After printing add dirt to the material by creating a small opening on the side till you reach 21 grams.. Close the side
  3. Version 1.0


    I let your imagination run wild towards the function of this one. 18+ orientated. resize to your own pleasure.
  4. Version 1.0


    I have been digging into the intriguing petanque culture for a bit and came up with this simple measurement tool. You'll need this object and a piece of string (lenghth depending how far you want to measure) and some tape/pearls. Print out the object and place the string inside the hole in the center. put some tape (or a small pearl) on every end so that it prevents from detaching. When you come to the rather amusing occasional controversy ensues with regards to the assessment of distances between the boules and the cochonnet (but), simply pull out the string on top, put the object on
  5. Version 1.0


    This is a concept to turn normal glasses into snooker glasses. I haven't been involved with snooker for quite a while, simply because I don't have the glasses for them. When you use normal glasses you always tend to look at the frame, or over it which results in a blurry sight, and awful results :-) The other day I really fancied trying another snooker game so I went looking for some snooker glasses. They turned out to be rather rare and quite expensive. Simply not worth it when you are a casual player. So the other day I came up with this idea to instead buy glasses, try using an existi
  6. Version 1.0


    Hi all, I got sidetracked here for a bit with this little object: a petanque pocket counter. With numbers from 0 to 13, suitable to keep score in any petanque game. The little trick I tried to pull off here was that the numbers needed to rotate, but with some friction so that it won't change when it was inside your pocket. This with as less parts and fuss as possible. I did this trough turning the axis into a 14 sided oval (aligned with the outer 14 sided oval) instead of turning it completely round, giving the needed friction and movability at the same time. Mind you though, I exper
  7. neone


    Version 1.0


    I created this little cutlery design concept. In around 15/25/30 minutes you can have this design printed out and ready to use. You can either use it flat as it comes out of the printer (knife/fork), or trow it into some boiling water and shape it a bit more, so you can add the spoon function in there as well, next to ergonomically shaping it more towards fitting it into your hand. Besides, it gives the object that bit more strength. Just use an existing spoon, press the hot PLA (that you trew into some boiling water for a short moment) in the mould and within a few seconds the shape will f
  8. neone

    egg holder

    Version 1.0


    An old egg holder design that I converted towards a 3D print model.
  9. neone

    Human study

    Version 1.0


    A human study that became so thin that a simple line can represent a human form. http://timguldentopsbe.webhosting.be/?portfolio=human-study
  10. Version 1.0


    This concept lies within a fabricated 3D printed square that you boil in water for a while and reshape it or sculpt it right away when printing is done. Every result is an unique variant of the same element trough the human touch that is needed to complete the work, like a marriage between handcraft and technology.
  11. neone


    Version 1.0


    Based on one 3D printed element I have build this structure. Every variant you make is an unique one, or attach them together to make one bigger piece. ps I noticed some similarities with the work of Arne Quinze in this one. http://timguldentopsbe.webhosting.be/?portfolio=mikado
  12. Version 1.0


    The other day I found this ergonomic module to create different types of furniture. The module is a 15cm/6inch cube that you could print out perfectly, you glue the modules together into whatever you need, and that's that. but I noticed the current printing time for each volume and material cost and I simply don't have the time/ finance to try this one out. So I guess this is more a futuristic concept design, intended for when the printing speed of 3D printing is increased :-) http://timguldentopsbe.webhosting.be/?portfolio=cube
  13. neone

    the artist

    Version 1.0


    this is a 3D printed scale model that is questioning function vs art with the use of the archetypes of a table/chair and maybe explains the role of an artist within a society. http://timguldentopsbe.webhosting.be/?portfolio=the-artist
  14. neone


    Version 1.0


    The recent update of cura also mentioned the weight of the object, so this gave me the idea to create this object 2x1 inch, with the weight of 21 grams. This is an update on a previous handmade 2.1 design. The previous version was not that accurate compared with 3D printing methods, so here is a 3D printed version of the design. dimensions: 2x1inch – weight: 21grams – material: PLA combining 21grams, the symbolic weight of ones soul with a dimension of 2×1 inch ( Any Given Sunday – Pacino – Peace by Inches /Valerie’s letter from V from vendetta ) It’s something small, but also
  15. neone

    chess set

    Version 1.0


    a minimal chess set
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