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  1. i would love to see what happened with you in photos if that's not too much to ask .. amazing reply .. you really know what you do .. i think we should make a corner in this forum for architectural work .. as it has many different aspects of regular printing .. thnx again for you time and reply
  2. What you say actually makes sense! I'll try to look into it Do you have an visual guide for this? It would be great and much safer for me!
  3. Wow.. this post should be pinned or highlighted .. this is probably the best answer for any bed-adhesion issues I'm really amazed of your devotion .. you put everything you have .. and spend so much time on helping everyone here .. thnx alot ..
  4. it's actually hollow from the inside..besides.. assembling the different walls together will raise many other issues like not having perfect intersections and many weakness points in the model .. and it's actually much more complex than it seems .. it would be ok if it's just a cube with four walls .. but that's for sure not the regular case in architecture..
  5. the video is not working.. could you resend it please?
  6. i use many software .. but usually sketchup then cura of course the nozzle temp is 210 with speed 40 mm/sec
  7. thnx for the reply do i really need any glue for printing PLA ? wont the heated bed be enough? i was wondering if raising the bed temperature has any effect on that? the shiftings are not from the model for sure .. actually it's a simple vertical wall "as i do architectural models mostly" the problem with printing with .06 is it takes forever! this model took 40 hours on .2 layer .. you would imagine how long will it take on .06 ! and the thing is i see other prints printed at 0.2 mm with nice looking face .. anyway.. thnx again
  8. hello everyone i've bought my ultimaker2 extended about 3 months ago .. and i've learnt alot .. but i'm still having a hard time in getting the finish i see all around .. i donno what's the real problem.. i hope you can help me with this.. and there's another issue with faces being shifted a little at a certain point almost every time .. check out the images to make things more clear: most of the flat faces have this weird finish.. while in other prints its super smooth! (like in the robot image) shifting! the strange thing about the shiftings that they are outwards from all sides .. i would've guessed an un-tightened pulley if it was outwards at one side and inward at the opposite side .. another thing is the warping at the corners .. i heat up the bed for 60 degrees .. and i print colorfab PLA .. i also make a cold pull every time i change the material and make sure the nozzle is super clean .. i also tighten the screws from time to time so .. what do you guys think?
  9. Wow.. that's so neat and smooth. . What's the software you use for modelling? you have any specific notes for the best way to achieve a good file for 3d printing? How do you print in multiple color? How exactly did you do the windows? You print in PLA or ABS ? that's a lot of Hows I guess ..Thanks again
  10. I've already started another print with the settings you've suggested. . I'll show you what comes of it About the support. . Is there a way to control the thing? like where to put or not to put... and what do you mean by support can be done in CAD? Can you tell me more about the butane torch? Like if you have videos or photos Thnx alot man .. you're amazing
  11. Hello everyone First I want to thank all of you because I've seen how helpful you are This social space is actually an amazing advantage for getting an Ultimaker.. So thanks I've been able to make a successful print finaly.. It's an architectural model that I had to make a 40+ hours work just on cleaning the file and optimizing it for 3d printing .. There are 2 major problems with tne model: 1- there's an obvious layering problem at the windows level.. while it's fine at other levels 2- SUPPORT STRUCTURE: how am I supposed to remove all of this mess without tearing the model apart! That's a real big problem when it comes to architectural models.. because of the many overhangs that might show up .. So based on your experiences .. what do you suggest? ?
  12. yes i tried it.. it's amazing for simple models.. but for more complex models it makes alot of deformations .. i think the problem is in sketchup itself as it's a face modelling application ..not a solid modelling one .. i need the experience of an architect or at least someone who works with architectural models .. maybe i'll make another post for this
  13. thank you guys .. i'm actually dying here :( i have this really simple model (~1000 faces) .. and still the same problems with missing walls and stuff.. is there any tutorial or details of what exactly the sketchup model should be like? it's frustrating ...
  14. Hello guys Does anyone know what's that white cap that holds the nozzle? Even the reseller told this is new .. and the nozzle used to come without it ..
  15. Man!.. you're amazing. . They should call you gr8 "great" ...you've been so helpful .. I actually know nothing about the xray mode ... I'll make more searching about it if you can guide me through. .. and your notes about the Sketchup file are gr8 too.. usually my files are much cleaner than this.. its just because this file is imported from Revit .. which is so tricky in the terms of clean.. I'll see what happens when I get to the office .. many thanks again
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