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  1. I had the same problem, I bought a cheap (non-original but still from 3Dsolex) temp sensor and it was reading 210C° while it was actually only 190C° or less. I bought an original UM2 temp sensor and all my problems were gone. Seems that my problem was a bad contact of the connector in the main board. A gentle touch fixed the problem, but that's just a temporal solution. Really the connector is dodgy and it could fail any moment. A very poor design if you ask me.
  2. I'm having the same issue here. The sensor is reading 260C but the molten plastic comes out nearly solid and it is very difficult to push it trough manually. This happened today as yesterday I could print normally. Did you solve the problem @nebby85 or @barret ?
  3. Indeed! You are right. I thoug there was a mismatch of temperature but I was actually mesuring the center of the print bed (without the galss). When mesuring the temperature at the sensor the readings where completely correct. So I have a fixed bed! In case anybody is interested I'm explaining all about the process of fixing the heating bed of the Ultimaker 2 in my blog. Thank you all for your help.
  4. I'm just working on it right now. What I tried first was to resolder the terminal block on the bed and also the temps sensor. After that, the temp sensor just stopped giving any reading. Completely Dead. I did order yesterday a replacement so I removed the old one and soldered the new one. And all started working again. This part is now fixed. Now I'm facing another problem. The readings seem to be out. Tempreature showed in the UM2 seems lower thant the real temp. The higher it goes the bigger the error. I ordered this part: http://nl.farnell.com/...?CMP=i-bf9f-00001000 that I found somewhere else in this forum. Do you guys know if this is the right part? Is there a way of recalibrating the sensor?
  5. Update: After checking and in contact with UM2 Support this is what I've discovered: First of all the tempreature sensor in the bed plate reads ok at room tempretaure but when it is heated it "jumps" at about 80C. So suddently at 80C readings jumps to about 150C wich it is completely wrong. So UM2 thinks that the temperature is much higher than it really is and stops heating the bed with the result of the bed cooling down when it should continue to heat, up to about 100C. Sadly my warranty did expire as it is a 2nd hand UM2 so I will now attempt to replace the TP100 sensor. As stated in other threads the replacememt from farnell is: http://nl.farnell.com/ist-innovative-sensor-technology/p0k1-0805-2p-b/sensor-pt100-0805-class-b-0-04/dp/1266934?CMP=i-bf9f-00001000 Hope that will fix the problem as the heated bead is about 150+€ and I can't afford that. Wish me luck
  6. Hi All Today I had the chance to check the temperature very quickly and the results are bed temp at arround 35C when I set it to 100C. So definitely something is not working here. Gr5: I've checked this and there is one screw that will need a "touch" to sit flush, the rest are ok. The problem unfortunately seems to be the bed not reaching the right temp. Irobert: Cable seem ok under visual inspection. I guess I have to take the hole thing apart to check if I'm getting the right signals at the main board. Just for the record, I'm using octopi. It shows Celcius on screen and all my setup is also on celcius... Could that be that octopi is sending Kelvins instead of Celcius? Or Ultimaker receiving Kelvins instead of Celcius? (not sure how he comunication between both works). that could be a valid reason as 100F are exactly 37,7 C Anyone has a better bet on where the problem sits?
  7. Thanks for all replies. Next Monday I will check all this and do some readings on temperature with a FLUKE. Will post results.
  8. Hi Gr5! Thanks for your reply I'm writing from Holland, I do have means for testing the temperature but not until ends of next week. I guess I will have to wait for that. Never heard of this method yet, I will have to try it Thanks for all these tips I'm actually using gluestick but I guess that with my bed not reaching 100C is more difficult for the ABS to stick. More test to be done soon. As soon as I get the thermometer I will try temps but I can tell you right now that it doesn't get near 100C at all. So what I get from this is that my bed doesn't work properly. My next question is: How can I calibrate the temp bed? Can I? Is there a possibility that my bed is broken?
  9. Hi All I'm the happy owner of a second hand UM2 and I have a question concerning the temperature of the heating bed. I'm setting up the bed temperature with octopi to 100C in order to print ABS and I'm having a hard time getting the abs to stick to the bed. But regardless of the ABS sticking or not I noticed that while temperature of the bed should be 100C it feels much less at the touch of the hand, like 60C. 100C should be quite hot almost burning at contact with my fingers and I'm not getting this temperature when I set it to 100C. (although octopi shows 100C at the graphical interface) I don't have a thermometer at hand but maybe more experienced user can tell me right away if there is something wrong wiht my printer and/or how can I do to check it. And by the way pirinting in PLA works just fine every single time. Thanks in davance
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