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  1. ok I will try this thank you for the advice Probably there's not enough pressure among those 3 components that are vertically in line between the top & bottom plates of your printer head. If you can reach in with your fingers and spin that aluminum cylinder which sits atop the white plastic coupler, then it's too loose. The way to tighten it would be to rotate the metal ring that has the visible holes (just below the white plastic coupler). You'd need to do that after cleaning, and while the nozzle is warm.... maybe 150-170C. The cylinder should be snug but not really tight. Too much pressure would deform the white plastic piece. At first this explanation probably doesn't make sense, because the leak is happening below those 3 parts. But pressure for the lower joint comes from making those 3 inline parts fit more snugly between the top/bottom plates
  2. hi, this has happened to my printers a few times do you know the cause of this and how to prevent it from happening again? thank you
  3. [/media] My printer is printing the models with each later going at a angle like there not aligned correctly when trying to solve the problem the axel tends to Bob up and down shown in picture where there isn't a smooth roll I have a video of the problem but not letting me upload it and advice on what's going wrong with my printer please Thank you
  4. the wall thickness is set to 1.2 or 0.8 thats whats confussing me about it all
  5. sorry for the poor quality but you can kinda see the problem that im having im sure its a simple explaination but where are the top few layers of my model not showing the layers clearly its coming out very thin thank you charlie coward
  6. have voted best answer dwardio the feeler gauges helped me get the bed leveled alot more accurately and applied this technique to my other ulitmakers and they are all working fine thanks for the help everyone much appreciated
  7. Cheers :)I give it ago when I'm back in work much appreciated
  8. I have tryed to print on the ultimaker and the first layer or the layer creating the brim has came out with spaces between each other sorry cant fidn words how to describe the problem should be a picture attached can anyone help please ? thank you
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