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  1. 1. XTC 3D is for those people who dont want to risk their life for an stupid method how to clean 3D Prints 2. Acetone works only for ABS - so for PLA it would be Chloroform which is extremly dangerous because it is generating fumes. SO, now to Edel: Ich komme auf dieses Thema weil ich es mir selbst bestellt habe um es mal auszuprobieren. Dabei bin ich auf dieses Thema gestoßen. (Übrigens es funktioniert super) Nein, ich habe keine deutsche Einleitung, ich habe nur die Beschreibung komplett durchgelesen. Du solltest es vor gebrauch schütteln, zuerst PART A und dann PART B (Part A 2/3 und Par
  2. So, its a little bit late for this topic to bring up again but so: Xtc 3D generates Heat if you are mixing it. More that usual. That means you only mix it as long as directed in the description. If you mix it too long heat will really go up. If you brush it on your print it will melt that plastic down. Hope i helped you Lg Hannes
  3. Okay thanks for the tipp! This was very helpful!
  4. Hey! Thanks for your quick reply One question: the "window washer" what is this? Is this the liquid you fill in the front of you car for the windshield wipers ? If yes, isnt this dangerous?
  5. Hello, I have a question : I am trying to print a flexible phone case on my Ultimaker 2 Extended with Innoflex. So... i have discovered that the flexible filament solve from the buildplate after some time. The edges bounce up and dont stick to the buildplate anymore. As I stopped the print i saw that the layer from the buildplate is very glossy and shiny...beautiful. So, here is my question: Can I make the flexible filament stick to the buildplate (possibly without glue) ? My bed temperatur is currently 60 ( maybe i should turn the bed temp up?) I would be very thankful for a response
  6. I had problems with other filaments thats because i want this from Ultimaker, other filaments clog my extruder and the plastic cant smelt anymore because it was in the white area. so i had to completly take of the head and dismantle it. if you know other filaments that you use and which are very good please let me know, but thanks for your support
  7. Look here: That is what i mean
  8. Hello, If you have big prints, which are taking the whole building plattform, i got better results when i printed slower. If you have tiny things to print, it doesnt matter.... there i give 50mm/s and the prints are fine. This is my experience, i tested it out and yeah... also on bridging i would recommend a slow print speed (20mm/s) then you are fine. i hope i helped you and good luck Maker
  9. Hello, i have a question to the Ultimaker Pla Flexible. where i can buy this filament online? I am from Austria and i bought my Ultimaker and filaments on www.igo3d.com and they dont have this special filament. The ad for this filament was months ago and i dont know where i can buy it ! I dont want to buy it anywhere in America - So if somebody knows a website in Germany, Netherland, whatever please let me know Thank you for your help
  10. Hallo liebe Ultimaker Anhänger! Ich hab zum modellieren eine Frage: Gibt es irgendeine gute Software für Mac womit man 3D Objekte erstellen kann? Aber möglichst einfach und übersichtlich Und bitte nicht nur eine wo man nur Quadrate und Vierecke machen kann.... Etwas komplex aber trotzdem Übersichtlich Vielen Dank und Prosit Neujahr!
  11. OmegaCO

    Zahnrad System

    Hallo Ultimaker Anhänger! Ich bin neu bei Ultimaker weil ich mir vor nicht langer Zeit einen 3D Drucker gekauft habe. Zu einem besonderen Druck-Design hätte ich aber eine Frage: Wenn man den Tag "Use cases" oben öffnet kommt man zu einer Seite mit verschiedenen Themen. Dann auf "engineering" und man scrollt runter zu den bildern. Unter einem Bild steht der Text "Complexity made easy" und dieses Bild ist ein Zahnrad System und wollte fragen ob man das irgendwo downloaden kann weil es doch sehr cool und interessant aussieht. Würde mich freuen wenn jemand antwortet! MfG, Michael/OmegaCO
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