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  1. Edel

    How can i print a arch?

    yes pva would be great, but i dont have this option. thank you again, it was great help
  2. Edel

    How can i print a arch?

    Yes Thank you, its a lot better then my 2 prints, but is there still a option to get it better or is that the point, where no improvement is possible?
  3. Edel

    How can i print a arch?

    ok thank you 3 hours to wait now.... 0,28 change form 0,3 Z Distance form 0,2 to 0,3 thank you
  4. Edel

    How can i print a arch?

    is this cura 3? i never download it, caus i use my cura 2.x with octoprint and happy... can cut the part down to that point with netfabb... i use put now exaclty your settings in mine...
  5. Edel

    How can i print a arch?

    yes orville stl in 45% you see the fails, i had now 3, and no idea how i shall improve it.... first support was LINES but that was to instable so i go to zickzack which other setting you would like to see?
  6. Hi ? i tried now so much to handle this print, but i dont can it, so i neet your help here... the main problem it the step when the two pillars connect to a bow. Also, the support always break away ... how would you proceed and print?
  7. Edel

    Bogen drucken gelingt nicht

    Hallo Freunde, ich war nun lange nicht hier, weils einfach für mich nichts gab.... Doch nun bin ich mal wieder an einem Druck, der einfach nicht gelinken will... ich habe sowas aber schon mal hier und da gesehen, das 2 Säulen sich verbinden zu einem Bogen. Auch reißt der Support immer ziemlich hoch ab... wie würdet ihr vorgehen und drucken?
  8. Edel

    Problem UM2+ mit Pro1 Filament --> Gitterstrucktur

    das ist echt zu warm und zu schnell, reduzier mal alles und neu testen
  9. Edel

    Acetone Finishing on PLA

    So i read no all your new post, show all new video... and i shocked that you dont sand anymore before aceton brushing... i sand alot with 80grid, then aceton, and then i good the bad problem of getting white parts... this white new areas are not flat, no you build up and raise too! no millimeters, but you would see it... so i sand again with 200grid... and then its smooth.... then filler, sanding 1000grid. and voila.... all ok! but this takes also time.... but i learnt all form youside! and now i you dont sand?!?!? and why are your white areas so flat?
  10. Edel

    Acetone Finishing on PLA

    hey i also work witht hat methode you introduce to me! original UM brand was innofill, i told you
  11. Edel

    bad problem of shrinkage

    ok the 45h print is over.... i change: Nozzeltemp 205 to 203 Bed 55 to 50 Infill 20 to 28 Walls are still 1,2mm so no shrinkage , all sides are good! But now i have warping :( i had this problem with 55 not :(
  12. Edel

    bad problem of shrinkage

    The printer is standing in a heated room in an old brick building. Whenever I look at the thermometer, it is about 16-17 degrees in the room. The only thing I think is that now the nights have minus temperatures and so maybe it's sagging in the room (only at night). It's really weird that the problem was not 1 year old and is coming back almost at the same time. i use every time 3x wall, so 1,2mm! Yes 100% Fan. how can i do that is there in cura 2 a option that it do it automatic?
  13. Edel

    bad problem of shrinkage

    that your trick worked very fine the hole year no problem. i print with 205 and bed 55....... all good but now i have the some problem again with a big part... but i still print in this improve temperaturs, we or better you gave me... so what now? reduce bed to 50? and print temperature to 202? does more infill of 20 to 25% help? or is infill not importent for this problem? its a nightmare, cause the print took 2 day :(
  14. Edel

    Acetone Finishing on PLA

    hey i m compledly back to colorfabb for this aceton technique... yes innofill and ice also works, works great, but if you let it a few secounds to long in aceton, it will later get crack :( so taht risky...

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