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  1. Disassembled the display unit and cleaned the SD reader with alcohol soaked toothpick blew on it an vacuumed it and it now works! Still not 100% but having learned the procedure I now feel more confident - it would be nice to have an alternative to the SD card on the Ultimaker 2 As the SD card reader seems to have a finite life. Many thanks for your help again.
  2. Many thank guys I will open/clean the reader and see if it works.
  3. I have an Ultimaker 2+ extended - working perfectly for about 2 years. This afternoon it suddenly stopped reading SD cards, it just says “reading card......” and goes into a dream. I have about 5 cards all were working OK and all read OK on MacBook, (a few weeks ago I noticed that it was getting a bit fussy about how the card was inserted, I needed to give a little upward pressure as well as pushing to get the “click”). None of the cards work anymore - has the reader given up? Is it fixable ?
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