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  1. Alright thanks! keep me updated with how it goes!
  2. Hey! I’ve been looking around in a few posts, but I haven’t found anything convincing. Has anybody actually printed big (or small) parts with flexible filament? I’ve been trying to print some stuff with my flexible filament on my UM2 but without success. Do you have any tips/tricks that could help me print stuff with this kind of filament? Thanks!
  3. how can I change that? I am only experienced with the UM3 feeders, but, here is a link to this about the UM2 series., Oddly, looking that up, it is very similar to the UM3. But,l I know it is not like your feeder, so I am not sure how much it helps. And, you mentioned the 3mm in your original post...I missed that...sorry. Alright, I'll check that out, thanks!
  4. Thanks Robert for your answer, Yes it is. . Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and it left a small plastic trail filament behind. Here is a picture : . Where can I find those (especially the spacer) and can I find some rather cheap? Note : I live in france.
  5. Thanks for your answer GR5, However, why should I buy an olsson block if I already have one? And I don't understand what you mean here : Thanks
  6. Hello, I have been trying to print something with 3mm filament but to no success... During the first 3 minutes, everything works as expected, but after that, nothing comes out of the nozzle, which keeps moving as if all was normal. When I tried removing the filament manually (it got stuck), it took me about 1 minute to pull the filament at 210° out, I then performed the atomic method a couple of times, and tried to print something again. And..... the same thing happens again :( Is there a way I could print for more than 3 minutes ? Here is a video showing the issue : Note : It's an ultimaker 2, two years old.
  7. Hello, I just unscrewed the 4 screws to access to the extruder, in order to insert filament manually when the nozzle is blocked (which I need to do regularly) and today after having turned on the 3d printer and inserted filament in it manually (until this point everything is alright), I screwed up the screws but apparently a cable would block the rear fan from turning for 3 seconds and then the printer stopped and showed me this message (see photo). I therefore release the cables (they were not damaged) which touched a little the fan, and I restarted the printer. The error message remained but the fan resumed turning. I looked at a few forums and decided to do what they told me. 1) First I inspect the 'cable' responsible for the temp sensor without seeing any significant damage (see photos). 2) Then I removed the metal plate underneath the 3d printer and checked that the cable was well connected, which was the case (see photo). I then did several tests that indicated the ultimaker site, here are the results: [Note: cable 1 refers to the cable connected to the temperature sensor of the heating head and cable 2 to the temperature sensor of the heating buildplate) It displays "ERROR - STOPPED TEMP SENSOR" when: - The cables 1 and 2 are plugged in their initial plugs (cable 1 in TEMP1 and cable 2 in TEMP3) - Only cable 1 is plugged (to TEMP 1) - Only cable 1 is plugged (to TEMP 3) - Only cable 2 is plugged (to TEMP 3) - When no cables are plugged It displays show "ERROR - STOPPED TEMP SENSOR BED" when: - The cables 1 and 2 are in opposite plugs (cable 1 for TEMP3 and cable 2 for TEMP1) - Only cable 2 is plugged (at TEMP 1) -> When cable 2 is plugged to TEMP 1 Is there a way to correct this error, at least in the short term, since I have to print something for Wednesday? Thank you for your reply, Zephir Lorne
  8. Hey, I've tried to print with 1.75mm and since then, every time I want to print something, I have to do the atomic method in order to unblock the extruder/nozzle. Unfortunately, now the nozzle/extruder is completely clogged which means that, after removing the bowden tube and the four screws, when I try to force push some filament directly in the extruder, nothing moves. I think there might be some plastic stuck right before the hot nozzle, is blocked there, and cannot be pushed. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I need to print a couple of things for my presentation next thursday and my ultimaker 2 needs to be able to print it ASAP, Thanks, Zephir
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