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  1. OS is W7 64 bit, dual core processor. Cura 15.04.4. I think I'm lacking computing power. I'm going to have me build/set up some new hardware in the near future, also for my 3D-cad purposes. See what that brings. The resolution thing is clear to me. But it would be nice to be able to check at what resolution you don't see a difference anymore. Anyhow, got a nice fine workable stl now and will print that and see
  2. Well for the sake of it, I did the trial and error route. I could upload a 133 Mb file, but it took my computer a lot of time when I tried to rotate the object and lay flat. I now resized to 70 Mb and that's workable though still quite slow. I'm going to upgrade the computer to serious CAD-specs anyway and will see if that also helps in this case
  3. I succeeded finally (one time) with some PLA. Already decided that I will have some more nozzles made, so I can replace them if need be. Same goes for the teflon couplers. Next time if I find myself in trouble I'll try heating the (loose) nozzle with a little gaz torch and clean with some alloy wire or something like that. My extrusion problem proved to be a non-working hot-end cooling fan in the end. Took me some time (days :() to find out, but problem solved. Cheers for the input, guys;)
  4. Anybody an idea how large files can be for Cura to load? I got a project on which I testprinted from a small stl. But for the surface to be nice and without all these triangles I made it a lot finer. The file is now 296 Mb, but Cura doesn't load Thanks for the input
  5. I give up. As far as I understand this method is THE way to clean your nozzle. What material or temp I use, the filament breaks off at the entrance of the nozzle. I have the idea that some abs is baked to the side of the nozzle's interior and is narrowing the channel. That's maybe where my underextrusion and blockage comes from. I'll think about some sort of internal nozzle cleaner for the future (or just see what they would cost in larger quantities from a cnc machine and make them throwaway parts/disposables). For the moment I swap the 0,6 for the 0,4 nozzle, so the printer can at least go b
  6. I sort of figured that out, I'll try cleaning with pla instead of abs. Though it didn't work with pla at 90 degrees neither when I just had the printer 2 weeks back and changed the nozzle.
  7. Pulling slowly doesn't work, because then I lift the printer
  8. I've got extrusion problems (and even full stops of extrusion during printing) with my almost new UM2+. So I first want to make sure all is clean. I've tried the atomic method for cleaning several times, but when I do the "cold"pull I always break the filament and the end stays in the hot end. I've tried the standard temps according to UM and several others (higher and lower) and tried different materials (PLA, ABS and nGen). Since I read a lot of people use the method to satisfaction I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Anyone?
  9. Hi Sander, Cheers for the quick reply. I understand the G-code thing and the way the model is sliced to build up the layers. I want to check the supports in the printed file to make adjustments for the overhang angle to sort out problems. Some pics: The model imported as stl. With my luck my first project barely fits the platform and is a pain to position :( This I see after loading the G-code The layer bar at 265: BTW: Are there any workshops/courses on working these machines and it's software in NL? Just got the printer last saturday and would love to speed up the learning cur
  10. Hello, I'm new to this printing game, so obviously have to find out a lot. The printer is a UM 2 ext.+ btw I try the search function of course, but will give it a go for support from this lot if I can't find the right answer. I'm trying prints at the moment to figure out how the different settings work. It's quite a complex hollow model with all kinds of angles, so if I get this right I've made my first steps forward to understand how it all comes together. To see where it actually went wrong I'm trying to reload the G-code for this file (45 Mb) into Cura, but it only comes up with a bit
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