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  1. Hi everyone, did someone of you had any experiences with flexible materials ? I tried formfutura flexifil but it was not flexible as expected. It was very hard and immobile. Are there any other filaments which are more flexible? Best regards!
  2. I changed to the 0,6mm nozzle. Leveled the bed once again and printed another project. Now i see the following issue, do someone know where this comes from? Cheers
  3. Good afternoon all, I just installed the olsson block to our Ultimaker 2 and attached the 0,25 nozzle. I printed at first the ultimaker robot with normal settings (normal quality - quick settings out of cura) The Result is the Robot on the left - i think this is very bad quality. After this i leveled the bed once again and changed the temperature to 220°C (printing the standard grey PLA from Ultimaker) Thickness is 0,1mm Wall thickness is 0,5mm Retraction is on Infill 0,6mm 20% Speed 20mm/s Nozzle 0,25 First layer 0,18mm Air Gap 100% What do you think i can tune to get a better r
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