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  1. Cameras are apparently dirt cheap so i dont think it would add that much but having it all setup ready to go would be worth any minor extra cost. While i admit many people enjoy tinkering, im pretty sure there are many who dont like it one bit, and they are the future of 3d printing rather than the tinkeres. Fdm machines are at their limits so simplifying their use including any peripherals such as cameras would help rather than hurt. Many of my friends think i am a genius just because i make stuff, but i keep telling them its easy, that they just need to learn a few things, i guess some people just dont like trial an error. Lol
  2. If its not included, then some people will never purchase it. Lots of cool things are available but they cost extra money. and getting them takes some time in researching the best one for you and the best price. People are lazy. If you have a camera that drops timlapse pics then you could solve the mystery warping?
  3. Must be some kind of thermal warping, or cura. Or the devils work. A timelapse print would be the only way to get to the root cause. Anyone willing to do it? Another reason all future um printers should come with inbuilt monitoring cameras which can offer realtime timelapse up to the point of watching, or at least a folder of up to the point collected images for you to skim through in the preview window which you could make a timpelapse of, or something. Would make total sense and would not be a marketing gimmick but a qc tool and problem solver.
  4. Great in terms of strength, but ugly lines. Would need a lot of clean up. useless for anything smooth.
  5. Looks like a DIY printer to me, rather than a ready built purchased one so i would assume user built it poorly and stuff was badly constructed. Have any ready made (commercial ones) caught fire, specifically the UM or UM2, out of interest, anyone?
  6. I leave my printer on overnight all the time. It did concern me at first, but after you get to grips with it, it becomes a non issue. Thing how nice it is when you leave the office printing and its just finishing when you arrive. better than sitting next to it all day. Besides, considering how many printers there are around in homes with children using them im i would have read at least one article about a house burning down because of one.....but im still waiting, and that even goes for for people who are learning and don really know what they are doing.
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