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  1. As Anon4321 stated, these homing issues, bed adhesions, retractions, even print quality is all part.of a hobby thing. I don't care if you have a 5k machine, you still will have problems. Adhesions can be dealt with and you can find ways to make it work. I have. It takes time, patience, and experience.. and it doesn't come overnight. I'm still learning! But love manufacturing..
  2. Just my 2 cents here. Makerbot makes great idea products, but their support is junk, quality lacks and their customer service is junk. Now, to further explain and clarify.. makerbot essentially stole the communities HARD WORK. Everyone putting in their research and development to make reprap and mightyboard and so on. Makerbot took the mightyboard that was 100% functional and working awesome. They took that added a few things like laser output and some other stuff and close sourced it. Meaning no pinouts, traces and you can't diy anything on their products. They closed sourced their boards an
  3. I know and see that this is an old topic, however I want to put this out there. If anyone is still coming up with these questions here is your solution. Octoprint. The maker of octoprint did such a wonderful job and then mark did a fantastic job with the GPS module. What this does allows you to take a g-code file and you can either upload it to the printer and printed G code. Or what you can do is upload STL file use cura to slice it right there just copy your Cura Configuration file to the octoprint server which will be running on a Raspberry Pi. What does does will convert an STL and the G c
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