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  1. I have the same problem, is there anyone who has an explanation?
  2. FABERDASHERY PLA, plastic2print PLA, cheap chinese ebay PLA. All of it behaves more or less the same. I tried to increase temperature but it only makes it better for just some minutes. I am experiencing considerable underextrusion. It is still mind boggling why ABS prints just fine.
  3. Thank you for your answer my printer is 2 years old. I would say that my total printing time is something around 400 - 500 hours, problem started something around 300 hours of printing. I will provide you with the appropriate photos when I return home ;-). Only one question if it is the PTFE coupler why does it print birlliantly in ABS ?
  4. It's my first post in this forum so hello to everyone. I have this problem for one year now and it makes really frustrated and tried almost everything which makes it unexplainable ( I have read almost everything online for troubleshooting) . I cannot print with PLA not matter what. Lets take it one by one. I cannot print with PLA not matter what - I have underextrusion and even if I press the filament by hand it seems resisting. I can print ABS succesfully (very good quality prints) though no matter what the quality of it. Tried different speeds, temperatures and multiple PLA producers and still no solution Did the atomic method million times ... the nozzle is totally clean So what is the problem?
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