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  1. I've used Cura 15.04 with my custom Reprap machines (a cartesian & a delta) and I'm very fond of it. Cura 2.1.0 doesn't seem to let me tweak printer profiles. I guess editing a json file isn't that rough. Will a machine profile editor be included eventually? My 2M poly medical scan models take short lifetimes to slice and since I like to make many adjustments before saving the gcode, it gets painful. A manual slice button would be awesome, but it won't matter if I can't get it to generate for my machine either. So far, a skull that took ~5mins to slice with Cura 15.04 looks to be ~2% sliced after 5mins on Cura 2.1.0. Regardless, keep up the nice work gang! I've generally found Cura to be the best match for most of my requirements. Host specs: OS X 10.11.2, 8x 2.8GHz Xeon cores, 26GB RAM, 1GB Radeon 5770 & 2GB GeForce GT 720. Dual stripe-RAIDed SSDs.
  2. I've used Cura many many times/week for a little over a year now and I've always had this silly problem where it eventually gets stuck in panning mode. From the Cura Manual we see: My problem is as though my Shift key is stuck pressed. That is my right-clicks in Cura cause pans, not rotations. If I exit Cura and relaunch it, then it works as per the manual again, until something locks it back in to panning. My system's running OS X 10.11. I'm on Cura 15.04.4. This problem has persisted through a number of upgrades and the like. So I really think this is something in Cura. I've search in Google and the forums here for a discussion on this, as I figure it must be a common topic, but I haven't found the right question to ask as I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. <Sarcasm> I most prefer dogmatic tribal responses that condescendingly decree my problem is my operating environment. I've already tried burning down my house and cutting on myself to atone. </Sarcasm>
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