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  1. hey @SandervG, yeah i believe this particular one was printed on a raft but i end up with very similar but usually worse results when printing without some sort of of raft or brim also i use painters tape on the class. i use stick glue when working with abs to help but other then that thats all
  2. First i should say i have the ultimaker original plus and have tried abs petg and pla different companies of each and wind up with the same result lately I've had issues printing the first layers of just about everything but once the prints get to a certain point everything seems to be fine. attaching pictures of a benchy i printed recently. i dont seem to have any issues with adhesion and i get the same results with a raft or brim. i honestly dont know what it is. i believe i have it leveled correctly but if you believe its the issue and some tips or tricks that would be awesome. thanks temps ive tried vary but for the most part pla is 210 nozzle and 70 for bed
  3. when I print with pla I don't have any issues. ive tried a brim and a raft. my main settings also tried with support material. nozzle is 250 bed tried at 90 and 100 speed 50 layer height .15 shell .8 the product that it doesn't finish is really really strong so I'm not sure why it keeps doing this
  4. I believe my belt is slipping on my y motor and it is causing it to shift my print mid print. I've only printed 3 things and they were each fairly small printing in about 2 hours but lately been trying to print something that takes just over 3 hours and it shifts near the end every time I also tried a different model with a long time as well and ran into the same problem. when trying to figure out what was going on I felt the tension in all the belts and that belt was rather lose I loosened the motor and lowered it as much as possible and got the same issue any advice.
  5. so I've printed 3 things now successfully and I was printing something else it was nearly done about 4 hours into it and then it started screwing up and shifted over about .75% of an inch not sure what is causing it I noticed if I turn off the machine completely and then try to manually move the head around I can move the head around the x axis but when I try to move it around the y axis it locks up in certain places.
  6. the alignment square already looks ten times better I'm gonna try a print of the robot and ill let you know if it looks good
  7. Just assembled the Ultimaker original plus and im having some issues with getting a first print. i know for sure the cables are all plugged in correctly because everything is moving when its suppose to. When the filament comes out its extremely thin and stringy if it comes out. I noticed when i first tried to load the filament it would get caught exiting the tube so i removed it fed it manually and placed it back ill post some pictures below so you can see how it looks but im 99% sure its not correct. BTW tried to print the robot with the default settings cura had for the ultimaker original plus. Please help i wanna be able to print some things ive been working on as soon as i can. if you need anything else info or pictures let me know thank you
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