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  1. I'm trying to make a phone case for my iphone 6 recently

    The dimension is not hard to find as apple have released a guide for doing that,

    but how many spaces between the cases and the phone you would leave? 0.3mm? 0.5mm?

    and what is your frame thickness? 1mm? 1.5mm? or 0.5mm?

    What materials would you suggest? ABS? Nylon? or even others?


  2. Rather than spending hours trying to print this case time and time again, simply print two 20mm cubes around 80mm away from each other, and see what happens. If you get stringing between the two, then first start by dialling down the temperature. For this sort of thing it makes sense to watch the printer while it is printing. It might give you some clues.

    "Travel speed" <> "print speed". Travel speeds are the non-printing moves, when the hot end stops extruding and moves to another position to start printing again. You can push the UM2 up to 290mm/sec without serious issues.

    Also, increase your retraction to 45mm/sec. Speed here makes a difference.

    When printing 0.1mm layer heights, you need a lot less temperature than at 0.2, because you are extruding half the volume of plastic compared to 0.2. From what I see here and elsewhere, many people print at 0.2 and give temp values assuming that fact.


    Thanks for your suggestion! I will try to print cubes first!

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