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  1. While trouble shooting my ongoing retraction problem in Cura 3.0.3 I noticed all of the G1 lines, shown below that do not contain an E value. I also noted all of the G0 lines generated to traverse to the next location where extrusion is needed. What is the reason these lines are generated? All of the G10 & G11 lines are present in the program but the extruder does not retract the filament. I have tried .5 to 5.5 mm retract distance and 25 to 55 mm/s speed. G1 X134.661 Y98.765 E4599.02746 G1 X134.657 Y98.802 G1 X134.655 Y98.814 G1 X134.624 Y99.014 G1 X134.62 Y99.033 G1 X134.605 Y99.0
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