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  1. While trouble shooting my ongoing retraction problem in Cura 3.0.3 I noticed all of the G1 lines, shown below that do not contain an E value. I also noted all of the G0 lines generated to traverse to the next location where extrusion is needed. What is the reason these lines are generated? All of the G10 & G11 lines are present in the program but the extruder does not retract the filament. I have tried .5 to 5.5 mm retract distance and 25 to 55 mm/s speed. G1 X134.661 Y98.765 E4599.02746 G1 X134.657 Y98.802 G1 X134.655 Y98.814 G1 X134.624 Y99.014 G1 X134.62 Y99.033 G1 X134.605 Y99.093 G1 X134.551 Y99.304 G1 X134.526 Y99.403 G1 X134.493 Y99.496 G1 X134.476 Y99.544 G1 X134.45 Y99.617 E4599.02864 G1 X134.438 Y99.531 G0 F9600 X134.444 Y99.479 G0 X134.436 Y99.417 G0 X134.424 Y99.332 G10 G0 X134.523 Y99.319 G0 X134.383 Y98.349 G0 X133.503 Y98.27 G0 X127.183 Y94.874 G0 X94.381 Y88.453 G0 X93.785 Y87.658 G0 X93.426 Y87.476 G0 X91.228 Y87.322 G0 X90.719 Y87.625 G0 X87.585 Y90.505 G0 X79.533 Y91.925 G0 X79.076 Y91.925 G0 X78.449 Y91.562 G0 X69.973 Y85.991 ;TIME_ELAPSED:3552.515232 ;LAYER:37 G0 X69.973 Y85.991 Z7.7 THANX Steve
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