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  1. thank you friend. I will try your settings and see how it goes. Everything was adhering to the print bed just fine, but the nozzle kept knocking the feet over once they got to a certain height. I didn't try slowing the nozzle down or checking the cool head lift option. Thanks again, Glenn
  2. Hello friends, I am new at 3D printing. I have printed out some simple things but now I want to try something more complicated. I am using Cura to attempt to print this model. Everything looks good in the Layers view. I am using support everywhere, but I have a problem with the feet coming unattached and falling over even with the supports. I have been using the default settings for "normal" quality print on Cura, except I changed the "Brim line amount" value from 20 to 30 and changed the "Overhang angle for support (deg)" from 60 to 45. Can anyone help me to create a gcode file from this .stl that will print correctly on an Ultimaker 2? WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK, some nudity. The link below is to the .stl file https://www.dropbox.com/s/7sovhug7toa95fz/frog-join-Ela_1.stl?dl=0 Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Glenn
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