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  1. No idea other than to say I have 2.5 installed on Win7 pro 64bit and it runs ok for me. What is yours saying when you try to run it? a
  2. Version 1.0


    The idea of this catch is to enable a sliding chicken hutch (or similar) door to be lifted by a string but to prevent it being pushed up by a fox or other animal. The string runs through the locking catch and bracket. When pulled, it lifts the catch clear of the lock position. When the door is pushed up the catch engages as a lock In my example, it locks onto the wire bar of the weldmesh behind it It would also work on a smooth surface if you provide an edge to engage the lock. It would integrate well with an automatic chicken door opener. I use a length of string on a pully so I can open/ close the inner hutch without going inside an outer compound. Have lost a few chucks to foxes, it gives some peace of mind that its locked. For total security the string should be placed behind a screen. A smart fox may figure it eventually. There is 2 holes through the bracket to screw into a drop door, this was made for a 9mm thick door. It will need an M4x40 screw and nut for a hinge. There is a 4mm hole through the width of the catch. I put some M4 stud in there just to add weight to the end to ensure the catch drops down. It has been in use a while and is reliable.
  3. Hi. I've got it now. I can't say what it was though. Odd but it wasn't updating any changes. I started from scratch again. machine_platform_offset and machine_width/depth/height did what it should. Regards -a
  4. Hi. Thanks for the replies. I'm still struggling . . . I was going to write this: nallath Changing machine_width/ depth to something obviously odd e.g. 1300 x 50 or as an equal cube it doesn't change the appearance of the build volume cube. I tried it in my new created .json and also fdmprinter.json. Same with the offset, it doesn't move the platform.stl I tried reboots and restarts just in case. It always inserts the correct .STL I created for the platform, as I've changed it a couple of times. (So nothing so dumb as I'm editing the wrong files or something!) Thanks berndjm That seems good advice but how do I change the origin in the .STL? I've drawn it in 2 different CAD programs with the origin as centre top (it was front corner) it doesn't change the position. . . . but I came to the conclusion that my changes were't taking effect. I tried creating a new machine .json but it didn't show up in the list of printers. I decided to delete/ reinstall cura and delete my configs. And now I can't seem to add a new printer. Umm. So I'll have to poke around and get back to you. Thanks again a
  5. Hi. I've set up a custom printer .json file (copied from one of the others) with an .STL model of my platform. My platform .stl ends up with the bottom corner located at the centre position of the chequered print area. I've tried tweaking 'machine_platform_offset' machine_center_is_zero machine_width/depth/height in my new .json and fdmprinter.json (which is inherited) also I restarted Cura everytime. Nothing seems to change -either the position of the .stl or the shape of the print area. Does anyone have any tips for this? (I did search but didn't find anything) Thanks -a (I do like the 2.1 - plenty of knobs and switches!)
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