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  1. Hello all ! I want to know which are the best settings of .stl format for an Ultimaker 2+ i am asking about Deviation and Angle, should i use the default of Solidworks ? thanks !
  2. Version 1.0


    Hi ! i have made a few parts to RE-USE an old juicer machine, so i replace the broken ones with a POLYFLEX filament and there is no need to buy a new one SALUT !
  3. Version 1.0


    printed on my Ultimaker 2+ 50% fill reinforce with aluminum rods
  4. on a second try i put the fans on 35% bed on 50C and increase a little bit the height of the nozzle. it works better but maybe it be just some Luck
  5. i am working with 0.1 first layer.( on cura) there is a way on cura that i can change the height between the layers ? ( all of them supposed to be the same )
  6. Hi !! I printed a simple test and it's got some Elephant foot material PLA fans speed increase from 0% to 100% bed temp 60C any ideas how to AVOID the Elephoot ?? *the second pic is upside down
  7. so.. fans were 100% all the way and the temp was 205c support " everywere" and lines.
  8. yes it works, but the quality is poor. you can see by yourself, the support was hard to remove and left the side not really soft
  9. yes ! i forgot .. PLA ! and i used the settings of the UM2+ for PLA often change the Fan Speed manually.
  10. Hello everybody! i am having some troubles triyng to print this part. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzj37tyk6kn0f81/Zipper.STL?dl=0 i tried differents ways ( upside .. with and without support whit brim... ) if someone have same tips .. it could really help ! thanks !
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