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  1. Hello, I am happy with one design. Threrefore, i left the office last friday with the same printing job on both my UM2 and my UM2+ Both printers use the same filament from colorfabbb (pla standard white) The job is merely the same piece that takes about 2~3h to print alone. I just repeated the same piece 3 times horitontally and 5 times vertically => in order to produce a STL file that will take the weekend to print. the printing job in cura the job on UM2+ is perfect. here is what i found this morning However, I have a failed print in the UM2 :( What puzzles me is the behavior : It seems that something hard prevented/blocked the movement on the X axis A. at about the end of the first "level", about 2~3 mm to the right (on X axis specifically and nothing on Y axis) then level 2 is fine, then level 3 is fine too B. then right in the middle of the 4th "level" there is a brutal shift on the X, about 2~3 cm to the left C. then again another brutal move on X to the left, maybe 4 cm ! the whole print happened during the weekend. i have no video recording of the printing job. Both printers use the very same power source (each machine has its own original power supply unit of course). I dont know whether or not it's off topic, so i'll mention it anyway : they are both electrincally connected to a device that provides power for about 10min in case of a temporary electric breakdown (don't the name of that electric device). What may have happened ? Should I inspect the machine ? Should I make maintenance action ? What's wrong ? thanks for your ideas fourchette
  2. I have checked the Expert > Advanced tabs and indeed I have spotted two differences that may or may not explain the behavior um2+ infill speed 60 mm/s um2 infill speed 100 mm/s um2+ innershell speed 50 mm/s um2 innershell speed 80 mm/s I would explain the speed difference + the fact that I cannot distingish 2 prints What do you think ? Also : I agree, acceleration should be considered. However, I cannot find any acceleration value in the expert tabs. Is it somehow non accessible from UI ? should i edit some .ini or .cfg file somewhere? (i'm using win7 64 version) Or should I inspect values on the machine settings using the machine main screen ? thanks
  3. maybe it should be mentionned that i can not distinguish a print made by UM2 or UM2+ so i would rather have the UM2 better speed on UM2+
  4. I am not quite sure i should be posting this in Cura or in another section. Please advise. I am the happy owner of one Ultimaker 2 Extended. I bought it last november. Turns out that I wanted to buy another one in january, so I bought an Ultimaker 2+ Extended. And I added an olson block to my first printer since it did not have it. I am happy with both printers. However, I have started noticing that print times are different : the 2+ is somehow slower. Like maybe 5 or 10% slower. I have checked print options in Cura. I can say for sure that the "basic" tab in expert mode are exactly the same. Will check the advanced settings later. (i use cura 15.04.05) In principle, using same quality and print settings, does the UM2 Extended print faster than UM2+ Extended ? Or reverse? Or are they expected to print at the same speed ? Are hidden default values somehow different? Are there differnt hardware components (typically steppers or stepper drivers) that explain the behavior ? Should I make a firmware upgrade/downgrade ? thanks fourchette
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