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  1. Hey folks, I have the most stupid basic question ... how do I actually calculate the price if I print something for somebody else? ^^ First of all, I am just a stupid graphic designer, so please forgive me if you have to explain this step by step Here comes my example: This dude approached me and he wants a 15cm tall object printed. I am using the Ultimaker 2+ and a filament that costs 40€/750g. Cura tells me if I use the "normal print" settings, it takes 8h 34min to print, uses 6,19m of filament, weighing 49g. But I could also use the "fast print" settings (which are tot
  2. Doppelpost! Yeah! ^^ Ich glaube, die Antwort auf meine Frage "B" habe ich eben gerade selber gefunden. Kann es sein, dass es das hier ist? https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50657-replace-the-hot-end-cooling-fan
  3. Hi Leute, ich muss den mittleren Lüfter im Druckkopf meines Ultimaker 2+ wechseln (nicht die beiden äußeren, die das Druckobjekt kühlen, sondern den dazwischen). Die technischen Daten des Lüfters sind wie folgt: SUNON Maglev MC25060V1-000U-A99 DC5V --- 0.58W F5633E Ein Foto des Problemlüfters seht ihr unten im Anhang. Nun zu meinen Fragen A) Könnt ihr mir sagen ob das hier das richtige Ersatzteil ist? https://www.digikey.de/product-detail/de/sunon-fans/MC25060V1-000U-A99/259-1552-ND/2757801 Und wenn nicht
  4. Hi folks, I've been mostly printing with my Ultimaker 2+ without supports, since I design my models mostly myself (examples). However I want to dive into the topic supports so I can also print models which I downloaded from various websites. Take this little helmet for example. The whole thing is 7cm wide and 5cm high. First of all, yes, I would have saved material if I had printed the model upside down. I did this on purpose so I don't have to remove the supports from the topside, giving it a nice and clean finish. Anyway, it took me over one hour to remove all the supports. It was reall
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