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  1. Hello! Yeeeesssss I get some changes! 😅 See below a pics of 2 last prints. I joined start layer change together. This result is confirming problem get his origin in layer change. Now how to hide this bad line?🙄 Kind regards
  2. Hi johnse, My test model details is various. This is Testman on Thingiverse. I created a model on 3D with different STL quality. No differences between them. Right surfaces are OK but curves show smalls over extrusions. It seems it occure on layer change. I use CURA 4.3.0 I tried : - enable retraction on layer change - heater change 190 to 210°C - speed change - model change I don't know what to do anything 😞 Thank in advance for your help.
  3. I'm trying with no retractation. The result is the same. I looked gcode but no error inside.
  4. Hi Smithy, I'm doing test at 40 and 30mm/s. It is not solved. I sayed was an excessive extrusion on external wall, but by transparency, I see small under extrusions. May it be a retractation problem?
  5. Hello, I'm a new user of this community. We bought an Ultimaker S5 printer on August 2019. Printing with tought PLA is great, but white PLA give an excessive extrusion on external wall. You can see it on picture below. I tried to print slowly from 70 mm to 50 mm per second, and less heater from 210°C to 200°C. The problem disappear not totally. Also cylinder show narrowing on top. How can we solve it, please? Thanks in advance for you help.
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