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  1. @Nicolinux - what is that gcode preview software you are using?! Thanks.
  2. Ladies and gents, Quick one. Cura only does USB printing via FTDI hardware or I have any chance of getting it to work via CH430/341?! Thanks. Kris
  3. Unfortunately none of the settings in Cura reduces this very annoying Z seam. I've changed all the possible settings in Cura but with no success so far...
  4. I found something. Loaded both gcode's into Repeater-Host to see where is the difference. If you look at the Z Seam on both you can see that Slicer leaves little gap in between but Cura doesn't. Is there somewhere in Cura I can define that?! Cura Slicer
  5. @DaHai8 - Thanks for the reply. My Cura settings are pretty much unchanged apart from temp, supports and infill. I've tried to disable Combing - still the same. Tried to increase and decrease retraction mm and speed - still the same. By now I think I've tried to change all possible settings in Cura just out of desperation but still the same thick corner in cube's case or just thick Z seam on any another print.
  6. Basically, same printer, same STL, 3x different slicers (Cura 2.1.2, Cura 15.04.6 and Slic3r) Slicer Cura 15.04.6 Cura 2.1.2
  7. Ladies and gents, Question about Cura 2.1.2 and Z Seam - on some of the prints it looks like a thick blobby line. For example calibration cube, one corner is complete blob all the way up. I'm pretty certain that this wasn't happening on older versions of Cura and I'm certain that it's not a printer thing either because it works fine with Simplify 3D. Same STL - 2x completely different results. Am I missing something what I need to tweak?! Thanks. Regards, Kris M
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