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  1. RetromanIE

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    Well, It looks like it has the same nozzle setup as the UM3 which I don't like personally(UM2+ nozzle setup is great and easy to swap/buy new nozzles). But if it has some new great feature or something else I didn't know I needed then perhaps I can be won over :0)
  2. RetromanIE

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I've got a UM2+E, no interest in the UM3 so I'm hoping there's something to pull me in to this new one other than dual extrusion.
  3. RetromanIE

    Under Extrusion issue on UM2+E

    So a quick update. I fixed up my feeder at the back but still have the same issue. No big deal as i just need some minor parts i reckon.
  4. RetromanIE

    Under Extrusion issue on UM2+E

    Thanks, But I've already replaced with a fresh 0.4mm nozzle. I can say after looking at that link tinkergnome shared that my feeder is not setup as it should. So I'll fix that up when home and see if it makes a difference. It's probably a combination of the feeder and coupler, or at least i hope so as they are easy fixes.
  5. RetromanIE

    Under Extrusion issue on UM2+E

    Hmm, pretty sure the top of my screw is in the area I've marked in red.
  6. I have some under extrusion issues at the moment on my Ultimaker 2+ Extended. I'm getting the usual weak prints(they look externally fine, but break/bend easier than they should) and walls are not touching on my test 20mm cubes. If i increase the temp to 230-235 and flow to 125% the prints are fine(this is standard PLA with 0.2mm layers). I'm using S3D, but get the same results with Cura 3. My extrusion width is set to manual and 0.4mm to match my 0.4mm nozzle. If i change it to auto or manually increase to 0.48mm or reduce to 0.35mm as it is in Cura i get the same results more or less. I plan to service the printer soon, so my question is what parts do i need to replace? I'm thinking I'll get a new bowden tube and TFN PTFE Coupler(I think this is the main issue i have right now) from 3DSolex. The only other thing i can think of is the feeder is not pushing enough plastic in. The white plastic tension tab is all the way up the top and my understanding is it should be in the middle. But perhaps this is for the older UM2 feeder? Turning the top screw doesnt seem to change anything on it, it always stays on the top. The feeder is holding the plastic filament quite tightly, so its not slipping or anything when printing. Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated.
  7. RetromanIE

    Cura 2.7 | Beta

    The "Ironing" option is interesting. Tested it on a cube and 60 percent of the top was very nice, but the rest had lumps where it looked like the nozzle stopped briefly and some plastic extruded. I wasn't watching it finish so not sure what happened. But the 60 percent of the top layer that was smooth, was super nice indeed
  8. I don't think it's still in warranty actually. It was a UM2E that I upgraded to a UM2E+. So i better go find some parts
  9. I was having some issues on one of my Ultimakers (UM2E+). I was getting some banding on prints in the Z axis. No big deal as I can troubleshoot that and resolve it, or so i thought. The Z axis screw is actual bent a tiny bit(I think it always was to be honest), but the main issue is the Z axis motor, it has problems moving from time to time. It can cause failed prints as you can imagine at intermittent intervals. I really only noticed that issue when I was raising the bed and it stopped halfway and started clicking and grinding the other day(also a slight electrical burning smell from it, you know the one). Seems to happen randomly but in general the print quality is now rubbish as the Z axis is just not performing as it should. I swapped the motor into another Ultimaker 2 Extended + we had spare in the office, and the issue follows the motor. Also compared the lead screw and isn't quite as straight as the other working printer. While i was at it i swapped the good parts into the "faulty" Ultimaker and did a test print, all went fine. So, where can i get a new motor and screw? Warranty replacement or do i just buy the parts? I see I can no longer purchase direct from Ultimaker and the parts are not for sale by resellers I dont think. Any help, guidance or direction is very much appreciated, especially the official line from Ultimaker .
  10. RetromanIE

    PolyWood ou WoodFill ?

    Polywood is easy to print, i like it Polywood @ 0.1mm layer height: Polywood after 30 seconds acetone vapour treatment:
  11. RetromanIE

    Ultimaker 2 Extended + Creaking noise

    I've got some Misumi LMUW6 linear bearings coming next week. So will replace the standard ones in there with these. It won't fix everything but they are a nice upgrade anyway. Although I think LMUW6 is technical linear bushings? Any experts here on that?
  12. RetromanIE

    Beta testing Cura 2.5 | Closed.

    It'd be very handy to get 0.2mm, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm nozzles added to the drop down menu. I know we can mess with line width etc, but a drop down is nice
  13. RetromanIE

    Ultimaker 2 Extended + Creaking noise

    Can i just tighten them? Or is there more to it?
  14. RetromanIE

    Ultimaker 2 Extended + Creaking noise

    Heres a quick video with me moving the print head around. It moves ok, not butter smooth though. You can also hear the 8mm shafts moving a bit. Apologies for the background noise, thats two Trinus printers working away behind me
  15. RetromanIE

    Ultimaker 2 Extended + Creaking noise

    So I removed the belt tensioner and did all of the above. Still the same sound. The axis that pulley sits on does have a few mm of play, and has done for a while. By axis I mean the bars that also can be seen/moved from the outside of the printer(well, the ends of them can be seen and pushed). Should they be locked in?

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