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  1. Hey guys, I need some help and am wondering if you guys have the knowledge! basically i've got a 25amp DC-AC SSR connected to 1000w heatbed and mains power.. its all connected properly - the rating is 250V on the ac terminals of the relay and there is hardly any V on the dc terminals, the multi-meter says a pesky 18 when its on the 2000m DCV setting. so I think it is connected properly, however im unsure of what firmware setting i would have to change to get it switching? i've uncommented #define PIDTEMPBED #define BED_LIMIT_SWITCHING however when turned on it still doesn't allow enough V to the mks base. any ideas how i can get it up and running?? **also i have connected the + - DC to the 12V of my MKS base, is this correct or should it be 5V?? (would i have to change pins in firmware?)
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering how you would set up two thermocouples for dual extruders? would you need two amplifiers each connecting to 5v gnd and signal? Cheers, Smooth Ol
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