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  1. Hi guys, today I present my hack for the ultimaker 2;)

    It's fine for all Ultimaker 2 models (2/2+, extended and go 2/2+), and you do not have to make any big changes: D

    It's similar to that e3d release recently, but mine allows us to use the 1.75 filament, which has several advantages:

    1) Much easier to handle (less breaks)

    2) easier to find on the market

    3) availability of greater colors / materials / brands

    To do this you have to have few components:

    1) a wire extruder of 1.75. I have designed and realized one (that of the photos), made specially for the ultimate maker, because you do not have to change the original gear, leaving the number of extruder steps

    2) a hotend: I used an e3d v6, but the support I drew (I did it) has the standard attack, so it is okay any hotend with that kind of attack

    3) Printed Items: I've drawn the support for the hotend from scratch, while fan support I found it on thingiverse

    In addition to these components, there are not many other things to do: you just have to rip the pid tune (via Repetier-host), change the fan's heat sink fan (the two to cool the piece remain unchanged), change some parameters Of the print area, it loses a few millimeters on xey but earns almost 1.5cm on the z axis. I use it for months, and I'm very happy :)

    I'll leave some photos, tell me what you think;)

    Thanks for watching, Lillia.net :D

    In short, more information!







  2. Hi all, i'm installed an e3d v6 on my UM2.

    Now i must to do the PidTune, because the heater cartridge is to 40W. But i've so much problem;

    If I connect the printer to my macbook with pronterface, I send the M303 command after a few second pronterface say me:


     >>> M303SENDING:M303PID Autotune startPID Autotune failed! Temperature too high


    What can I do?

    Tkanks a lot ;)

  3. Hello everyone!

    Does anyone use kisslicer with UM2? If you could send me its configuration? I don't like ultigcode (I mean the fact that you can not change the temperature of the material from the slicer, for example, or the parameters of the retraction).

    Thank you ;)

  4. Premetto che parlo a nome della um2, ma credo che la situazione sia la stessa per la +. Io stampo regolarmente con filamenti da 1,75 senza aver apportato nessun tipo di modifica hardware o firmware.. basta cambiare il diametro del filamento da 2,85 a 1,75mm, ovviamente.. e regolare la tensione data dallo spingifilo..contro ogni pronostico la macchina funziona alla grande..ho già finito diversi kg di materiale da 1,75.. Premetto anche che ho altre stampanti, con altri hotend (e3d v6 in particolare) e con quelli non si riesce..con la ultimaker si!

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