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  1. Taking care of proper glueing and especially re-levelling such that the first layer was squished more did the trick Thank you very much! (model is not from myself, as I only just started - it's from http://www.printablescenery.com/
  2. Hi, thanks for the exhaustive answer! I guess I'll try to glue it to the plate like never before (some glue was applied, but seems like I need more power). My bed is at default setting, I think around 45°, so I'll increase that as well. I already added a brim in cura, as you can see in the picture it's twisted up behind the central pillar - that is due to the pillar ripping of from the plate, it was smooth until it was torn away. Thanks for the fast answer, I'll try it during the weekend! Stefan
  3. Hello, I have a new out-of-the-box UM2+, so no HBK upgrade performed. When I print something small, it runs like a charm. Now I tried the first taller prints, and after ca. 2-4 cm of height, the print head touches the print. This happened with pillar-like structures, who were ripped from the bed. Obviously, that ruined the print, and it also was reproducible. Is there any way to change the movement of the bed? As I understand, the layer height setting will affect both the amount of material used and the movement on the z-axis, therefore not solving the issue. Thanks, Stefan
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