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  1. After the Cura Update to 2.4 I figured I would give Cura another chance......and nope, infill is still junk. No idea how they can even call their "stock" settings remotely good. The outside of the part may be ok to look at, but the inside is just a messy glob of infill failure. You have to slow it down to 25% and have a 2 day build. (and it still looks, and functions, poorly). There are plenty of example why a good infill in needed. Its like Cura programmers are wanting people to buy Simplify3D. LOL
  2. Just ran into the same issue. I fixed the issue by formatting the USB drive I was using.
  3. Hello, I have a brand new Ultimaker 3 ext and I can't seem to get the infill to work correctly (cura). Using, PLA, everything seems to print well except the infill. It just seems the machine jerks around and half prints a mess instead of a usable infill. I have slowed the entire print down to 30mm/s and temp up to 210c. It doesn't seem to change anything. I have done the "atomic pulls" and the nozzle is completely clean. Funny thing is, I can use Simplify3D and the infill is just fine. Any ideas? Anyone care to share their settings?
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