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  1. Thanks Torgeir, (Please excuse my silly questions). To remove the screw, should I get smaller pliers or vice grip pliers? It only sticks out a bit and my normal-size pliers can't grip it. And then I suppose just apply on the locktite blue and tighten back in? It would be easier for me to just use the JB Weld epoxy as I already have it and both my reseller and North American Ultimaker support said that should work just fine to secure it. And they said if it doesn't, they can mail me the necessary replacement parts. But is that common someone would need to change their knurled wheel in the fu
  2. Update: I spoke with my reseller and North American Ultimaker support who said JB weld epoxy should work to hold it in place. I'm going to do that and think it will to, otherwise they said could mail a new piece out.
  3. Several months ago, I purchased an Ultimaker 2 Go and it has been working just fine. The knurled wheel has stayed on/tight the whole time. I just purchased a second Ultimaker 2 Go about a month ago. Two weeks in the knurled wheel slid off the feeder mid-print. So I had to unscrew the feeder, push the knurled wheel back on so that it was flush, screw the feeder back together and start printing again. It's been about a week and the knurled wheel has slid off again mid-print. How can I make it so it stays on and doesn't slide off? I found in the forum a couple similar posts like this one:
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