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  1. Dear Neotko Thank you for this. I thought so but I wasn't sure. I didn't want to damage anything. Do you know also how this could be prevented? Many Thanks!
  2. Dear Ultimakers! Recently I've exchanged the white slider blocks with the black ones. Modification went well and i was enthousiastic to start printing again. So I started yesterday with a simple product, but again I fell into new issues with the UM3+ again. [/media] Now the Print heads are glued together by the orange PLA. What can I do, to get them out of the printer, and to get them cleaned? Does anybody has had this issue again? Thank you very much for your support. Kind regards, Luuk.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I do have some experience working on machines. So no worries on my engineering skills ;-) I've contacted the reseller (Coolblue ) and I've been transferred to the dealer, to whom I've explained my problem. But I only got the parts to exchange. In the meantime the dealer has send me some data on how to do it. I will try the solution. In the mean time tips and tricks are always welcome!
  4. Dear all, I've had some issues with bad prints. Reason seems to be cracked sliding blocks (the white ones). New ones are delivered to me (black sliding blocks) I'm now looking for the proper sequence to exchange these, but I can't find a manual on this. Is there any manual/procedure for this? Thank you very much in advance!
  5. Dear Tomnagel, completely agree. I've just selected the: Print Setup / Infill / Dense, that's all. I've changed to Cura 2.4, custom setting everything, but I'm not able te get out a reasonable product anymore. I'm in contact with the reseller and dropped an e-mail to ultimaker, but until now no solution.......
  6. Okay, thank you for your feedback. I running with the standard setup, but with dense infill. I will try to reduce this and see the result. I've changed it from light to dense because when the bottle was being closed, i continuously had problems. I going to try it now!
  7. Dear All, I'm printing a product, which runs approximately 37 hours. Could it be that the UM suffers from thermical drift? I seems that it is shifting it print position in Y-axis. A few millimeters. Look at the tower. I have paused my print now, but is there any way to adjust it, without discarding the current print? Thanks!
  8. Just one other question: I've now used 2 bad prints and with cutting, glueing and sanding I made a finished sample of it. Is there any way how I can restart the print at a certain point or not? Thanks!
  9. Thank you all for your reactions. The materials I'm using are PLA and PVA both of Ultimaker. I've started the print after cleaning up, fixing the ventilation cover as it was bend and callibrating the UM3 Extended again. I seem to have quit some difficulties with the PVA filament. It isn't a steady process at this point in time. Can anybody advise me if the product is easier to produce while standing upright in stead of laying flat? I will install CURA 2.4, as I have now 2.3.1. Any further good suggestions? Many thanks so far!
  10. Dear all, this morning I returned at the office, hoping that my 3D print was finished. I found the Ultimaker 3 Extended in a kind of crashed situation. The printing head had printed that much that the ventilation cover was pushed open, the glass plate had moved. I've cleaned the printer core, but the cover doesn't fit any more. Does anybody have any idea how this could occur and wat I can do to resolve this issue? We are on a critical time line to print a sample for our customer. I've included some pictures I hope to hear from you soon! Kind regards, Luuk Beenders
  11. Hello SandervG, I've been able to read PVA on spool 2
  12. Hello All, just one question, to make sure that I've understood it correctly: - If Ultimaker Filament Material is used, the printer and Cura software would be able to recognize the material. I'm using the Ultimaker 3 Extended with original Ultimaker PLA Orange, but I have to teach the material in the printer and Cura. Is there anything that I'm doing wrong? Thanks in Advance!
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