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  1. I loaded version 18.11.1 to my UM2 ext+ today and started a routine print. In the middle of the job, it stopped, feeder pulled the filament completely out (exactly like when you want to change material), then after a few seconds printer continued printing with no filament of course! I paused it and fed the material back in manually and continued. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?! It seems very strange.
  2. I have a model that has a C shape 2mm wall of about 3cm tall. Some sections of this wall look like they are missing their shell. I have printed the same gcode with ABS and PLA. The ABS version is in red and pla is blue in the photos. PLA is coming out nicer but it is still missing its walls shells at the same spots as ABS. I am thinking the wall thickness of 0.8 is not respected at all times. I'm using the Cura 2.3.1. I've also tried 2.4 beta and made the wall in my model thicker to 3mm from 2mm. But I'm still seeing the same thing happening. Layer height is 1.2mm. (EDIT: Shell > Wall
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