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  1. tinkergnome

    Extrusion is different between usb and sd card

    Hi Nicholas, i can imagine three possible reasons: the used gcode files are different you try to print via USB with gcode flavor "Ultimaker" (instead of "Marlin") some tools for USB-printing add their own start scripts / commands Can you rule out these possibilities?
  2. Marlin Firmware supports the M302 command. You can add it (in a new line) to your start script in Cura to set a new temperature limit. M302 S0
  3. tinkergnome

    More information during print

    What is this? The "first run wizard"? or something else? And yes: re-installing the standard firmware destroys the print area settings... 😒 A factory reset with the standard firmware is useless in this case. My suggestion: re-install the standard firmware once more and complete the "first run wizard" this time - that's important. After that you can install the tinker firmware and it should start without the need to run the "first steps" again. Then go to "Preferences -> Print area" and correct the values before you do anything else. X 0- 230 Y 0-225 Z 225 (or 325 for UM2+extended) If in doubt, do the factory reset again, but this time with the tinker firmware. This should do the trick.
  4. tinkergnome

    Last layer issue

    Paragraph (2.) on this comment: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/21651-um2-huge-blob-grinding-at-end-of-print/?do=findComment&comment=202235
  5. tinkergnome

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.3 | Beta

    I assume @ghostkeeper is working hard to fix the last bugs... and the best response from UM is a stable version that actually works.... I'm confident!
  6. tinkergnome

    ultimaker 2+ extended max temperature

    The pre-compiled hex-files are allowing up to 300°C as nozzle temperature. If you import a MATERIAL.TXT file with higher nozzle temperature, this becomes the new maximum. Use it at your own risk... Steps/mm and rotation direction for all axis can be adjusted on the printer (Advanced -> Preferences -> Motion settings) If you still have a need to compile it yourself, have a look at the "cookbook" that @gr5 made (including links to the source repositories at GitHub): How to build Marlin the way tinkerghome and Ultimaker do it if you have windows
  7. tinkergnome

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.3 | Beta

    No - you're not alone - welcome to the club... It's the same here... https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/22192-introducing-ultimaker-cura-33-beta/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-205243
  8. Did you called my name...? https://github.com/TinkerGnome/Ultimaker2Marlin/tree/Mark2
  9. tinkergnome

    Sending Abort command to UM3E

    in short: you have to enter valid JSON content in the value field, see: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/21062-api-print_jobstate-error-code-400/?do=findComment&comment=196742
  10. I think the strange thing is that 3DLabprint takes your money for 3D-models that are broken, or better: not printable out of the box. The models are not manifold, have overlapping volumes or not connected faces or other annoying defects. If you read some articles in the 3DLabprint forum: basically they rely on the repairing (black magic) capabilities of specific slicer versions to make their models printable... But as long as no one complains, we will see these questions here over and over again... I would load the models in (e.g.) Meshmixer and check it (Analysis -> Inspector). The result could be interesting.
  11. tinkergnome

    Managing multiple printers in a lab environment

    Your own repository is probably not based on the original one, easy solution: make a "Fork" first. A working sequence would be: create a fork of the original repository create a new branch in your (forked) repository make all changes in your branch commit and push all your changes to GitHub create a pull request (select the new branch first) For more information choose "github fork pull request" as search terms: Here is an article with lots of explanations and comments: GitHub Standard Fork & Pull Request Workflow A shorter article with examples on the command line: Forking a GitHub Repository and Using Pull Requests And here i found a video with all steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1I3HF4YWEw
  12. https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/20748-cura-deleting-pre-modeled-supports-for-a-print/?do=findComment&comment=194799
  13. tinkergnome

    Arrrrrgghhhh it almost printed it !!! HELP!!!

    I recommend to remove the first line (M907) as soon as possible. This command increases the motor current for the extruder motor to 1400mA - that's too much and asks for trouble... (i think the topic "overheating of stepper drivers" was already mentioned). It's only changed for the e-axis - but who knows....? The default is 1250mA (or 1200?) - i use 1100mA for years without problems. For older versions of S3D this was the standard script, but newer versions do not longer add this line to the start script (AFAIK).
  14. tinkergnome

    Arrrrrgghhhh it almost printed it !!! HELP!!!

    Yes, but you don't need it for this purpose. You can adjust the motions settings with the standard firmware too. On an UM2 you find it in the menu: Maintenance -> Advanced -> Motion settings To rule out some things: can you show us the starting script from the S3D settings?
  15. It looks like you have installed a firmware for the UM2 extended. As a first step i would double check the firmware version and/or re-install the correct one for your printer.

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