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  1. There's an older topic with the same error message, but i don't know how it was solved:
  2. Wenn hier die Rede von den Post-Processing Skripten ist, ist es einfach: Für die Anzeige der Layernummer werden Zeilen mit GCode M117 hinzugefügt, und "Filament Change" fügt Gcode M600 ein. Beides wird von der UM2-Firmware ignoriert / nicht unterstützt. Viele der mitgelieferten Skripte sind für Ultimaker-Geräte einfach nutzlos. Leider ist in der Auswahlliste meist nicht erkennbar, was das Skript überhaupt tut. "Pause at height" ist für den UM2+ geeignet, allerdings ist hier der Wert für "Extrude Amount" wichtig (*). Es gibt einen Tooltip, wenn man mit der Maus darüberfährt. Dort ist der korrekte Wert für die UM2-Serie angegeben. Mit dem standardmässigen GCode-Flavor "Ultimaker" werden Volumenwerte für die E-Achse verwendet, deshalb muss man die 20mm Retract nach dem Materialwechsel mit (ca.) 128 mm³ kompensieren. (* - ich gehe hier mal von der derzeit aktuellen Cura Version 4.1 aus)
  3. It's only a guess, but it is possible that a few extra percents are intentional. There will be always some slippage on the feeder under real printing conditions (because of back pressure from the nozzle or something like this). All Ultimaker printers are using slightly higher steps/mm for the e-axis than the theoretical / mathematical value. A test with more practical relevance would be to print a simple shape and compare the real weight of the part with the expected value (according to the density of the used material and the printed volume). Just to be sure that your printer extrudes not to less now... 🤷‍♂️ Oh - and you should put your changes in an "override" file or everything is lost at the next firmware update..., see:
  4. Some version numbers in the configuration files had to be changed for nearly every Cura version. Here are the numbers for Cura 3.4 and 3.5 (not sure, but i think 3.6 uses the same version as 3.5): https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/23872-cura-341-working-with-mark2-on-macbook-air/?do=findComment&comment=215733 https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/18043-ultimaker-mark2-the-smart-dual-extrusion-upgrade/?do=findComment&comment=220633 Since Cura 4.1 are the Mark2 definitions part of the official setup program / AppImage. So, those manual edits should be a thing of the past from this version on.
  5. That's a simple ball bearing from stainless steel, part no. 1974 (if i'm not wrong) If your reseller doesn't offer it separately, you can buy a new feeder, or ... ... well, those things are fairly cheap standard parts. Just measure the main dimensions of the broken part, that's all you need. It should be: outer diameter: 12.0mm inner diameter: 8.0mm width: 3.5mm Also called "MR128-ZZ"
  6. Well, that's a different thing than Octoprint. It will connect the printer to the Geeetech cloud and uses an Android / iOS app to control basic functions of the printer. You can print objects from the cloud gallery, but you can't upload your own gcode files (as far as i can see). If this is what you want and expect - it should work fine.
  7. Lol, "Meshmixer" and "intuitive" are terms that i would not use in the same sentence...🙂 In Meshmixer: - "Edit" -> "Separate Shells" (the object browser shows up with a list of separate shells) - select a single part - "Export" as *.stl Or in a recent version of Cura: - go to the Marketplace and install the "Mesh Tools" plugin from @ahoeben - this gives you a new menu entry: "Extensions" -> "Mesh Tools" -> "Split model into parts"
  8. Sounds like you are looking for "Merged Meshes Overlap" in Cura, it's in the section "Mesh Fixes" (search for "overlap", if it is not visible).
  9. In "package.sh" you can explore the additional "DEFINES" for each variant. This may help if you want to compile a specific variant with a different method. For compiling on Windows i run the build script inside of "Git Bash", which was included in the "Git for Windows" installation (if i'm not wrong...) Depending on your environment you may need to change some of the path variables in the build script or in "Makefile". In the case from above probably the "HARDWARE_SRC" path in Makefile. This path has changed several times in the past, it depends on the used Arduino version. Simply locate the sub-directory that contains "wiring.c" to determine the correct path. ....but: while "package.sh" creates the *.hex" files for you, it does not solve the upload problem. So I'm not sure, if it is of any help for your particular problem?
  10. Für welchen Drucker / Firmware soll das benutzt werden? Dieses Skript ist nicht für Ultimaker Drucker gedacht (soweit ich weiß). Es gibt aber vermutlich Drucker mit Marlin- (Firmware-) Versionen, wo es funktionieren könnte.
  11. Weird..., perhaps an older Cura version behaves different? You can even use the "legacy Cura" (15.04.6) to upload firmware. At least it's worth a try. Sources are in the "Tinker" repository, branch "Mark2": https://github.com/TinkerGnome/Ultimaker2Marlin/tree/Mark2
  12. Creality benutzt für die Beispieldateien eine ältere Cura-Variante von 2016 (Version 15.04.xx). Die Windows-Version war (früher zumindest) auf der mitgelieferten SD-Karte enthalten. Damit können die Druckeinstellungen aus den Beispieldateien ausgelesen werden (File -> Load Profile from GCode...) Vielleicht versuchst Du es erstmal damit (zum Vergleichen) oder überträgst die Einstellungen in die neue Cura-Version (soweit möglich)?
  13. i don't know how the camera API is intended to work, Cura uses the following URL to receive the camera stream:
  14. "Ultimaker North America Support" (or fbrc8.com) is always a good source for such things: https://ultimakernasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004324223-Printhead-Parts-Ultimaker-2-#PTFE Coupler
  15. There are two ways to perform a factory reset. 1. if an UltiController is installed, it's in the "Control" menu - "Restore failsafe" and a subsequent "Store memory" 2. with GCode command M502, followed by M500, sent on a serial console like (e.g.) pronterface Bed leveling assistant is integrated in Cura AFAIK (in machine settings)?
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