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  1. Thank you for your reply. We have DHCP on the cabled network. The Printer gets an IP (which is fine) but it gets a gateway which needs to be changed so the printer is in the right Network. If i could make everything static it would be fine. IP: Subnet: Gateway: Our wlan hotspot needs a username and a password to log in. Like: Username: logmein Password: test123 Hope you understand what I mean Thanks for your Help!
  2. Come on guys, there must be a solution or work around to get the printer to the network, please help me out :-)
  3. Thank you for your reply Daid! Could you write a short tutorial how to change the gateway? And if possible how to setup the service? We need the printer on the network else we can't really use it :/ Thank you very much!!
  4. We have a similar problem at my company. Our wlan hotspot needs a username and password and our ethernet needs a different gateway which i can't change :/ my linux skills are pretty low so i'am a bit afraid of changing anything in the developer mode. Maybe someone can write a step by step guide? Or is there a way to use the wlan with username+password? Thank you guys!!!
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