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  1. Thanks for all the nice tips! I will have to look into that again now and will give it some further testing. Cheers!
  2. Hi, For some reason I experienced a sudden drop in temperature and ever since my heater cartridge doesn't work. I tried measuring resistance on the cable but there were non so I assume a loose cable. I maintain a UM2+ printer which is with my UK University. I would like to purchase the following spare parts: - Heater catrdige - Hot End Pack - Belts pack I did find them following the "Products->Spare parts" a few days earlier, but I cannot spot them anymore. The only suppliere accepted by my univeristy procurment and offering those spare parts is RS: - Heater catrdige: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/3d-printing-parts-accessories/9082935/ - Hot End Pack: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/3d-printing-parts-accessories/9082947/ - (no belt pack though) The accessoires are tagged as for UM2. Are they fully compatible with a UM2+?
  3. - Cura 2.4, Ultimaker 2+ (with firmware Dec8 2016 13:57), UltiGCode flavour I have issues with adheasion to the buildplate (ABS/PLA from RS components), especially if the first layer consists out of many walls: The walls are printed independantly and, if not sticky or if some oozing added material to them on top, they may get moved by the printer nozzle while travelling. To prevent this, I already set the "Initial Layer Height" the same as the general layer height and ask the printer do avoid printed areas. I found some speed which makes adheasion good enough and thus adjusted the "Initial Layer Speed". However, it seems that it doesn't influence the "Wall Speed" of the initial layer at all (the most crucial bit in my scenario). Thus, I had to set the overall "Wall Speed" for the whole print very low to meet the requirements for the initial walls/circles, which obviously extents the printer time drastically. Is this the intended behaviour, or is this a bug? Thinking about a solution, I may not change the initial layer speed at all. Instead I rather change the overall speed in the printer settings when printing the first layer? I personally don't like this too much since it occupies me a lot for the first moment (Seeing a print happening is still too fascinating )
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