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  1. That's bizarre, slightly loosening that screw seems to have made a difference. I'm an hour into printing right now with no errors yet. I recently changed the fan but I never touched that particular screw on the print head. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll report back with the results.
  2. I will dump the log files onto the USB. This is with using two AA cores printing in Ultimaker Black ABS and MatterHackers HIPS as a support material. This hasn't happened until late last week and now every print since then has ended in this error (approx 7 attempts total). I'm not even sure if the print gets to 10 minutes into the print before it fails anymore. Rarely, (maybe 4-5 times in the past few months), I would get an error communicating with print head message and once the machine was restarted it would work fine again. This new error, however, is pretty consistent.
  3. I'll try that, but in this process I've been unloading and loading filament and it's been getting up to temperature fine. When i do the heater sensor test in the menu it fails sometimes and passes sometimes. delta T values around 15-16 degrees each time when it passes, sometimes one of them is 13 and lists as a fail. The head homes just fine, but for the past 7 prints I've started it gives me this error and kills the print. The first time it happened was 20 hours into a 25 hour print. The times after that have been almost immediately. The silicone flaps under the filament are intact,
  4. I am wondering what ever happened with this and if the problem was fixed. I am having the same problem, except it is with both print cores (they are less than a month old). I first got this error for only one of the print cores, but subsequently i have gotten the error 3 more times and it says cores 1-2. I can only imagine it's something with the printer at this point.
  5. Hey guys, I've been doing a lot of printing on my ultimaker 3. I've been doing ABS almost exclusively, doing a lot of printing with HIPS as a support material and it's been working great. However, I realized yesterday that one of my prints was extremely brittle, almost burnt looking at the very end of the print. If i pushed on the small parts with my finger they would crumble. I tried to print again with a different roll of filament since this was my first print after putting a new roll of Inland filament on, but it failed about an hour or two into the print this time instead of at the en
  6. I guess that makes sense. Maybe the layer of glue was too thin from spreading it around. It was such a large part I wasn't sure how thin and uniform I could get the layer just by applying with the glue stick, but I will just apply it that way from now on. So if I'm leaving prints overnight (90% of the time) it would be a good idea to manually raise the bed temperature to ~40C to warm it up a bit before removing the print?
  7. Hopefully I don't end up with any other parts decorated with glass, but you never know. I started the print again on the other side of the plate this time with only a brim and no adhesive. It's about 5 hours in and everything seems good so far, which is surprising for a part that's about 8" x 6" in ABS. I'll be pretty impressed if I can print this on bare glass with no warping or problems.
  8. Right away I want to say how great the customer support people are at fbrc8. They've already responded and gotten my information for a replacement glass platform, and I even sent that email after I posted this thread. Everyone seems to say its a temperature issue and to let the glass cool before removing the part but it had hours to cool and was at room temperature when I removed it. People also say their parts are hard to remove when it happens but this print was just as easy to remove as any of my other prints and only required a little scrape under the edge of one side with a razor blade
  9. Hey guys, I just got the UM3 about two weeks ago for rapid prototyping of electronic enclosures for the company I work for. I have done 10 or less total prints so far using PLA, PVA, Nylon, and most recently ABS. I just had my second ABS print ever take off a fairly sizable shard of glass from the build plate. It was about a 17 hour print, but it ran during the day and finished overnight so it had plenty of time to cool (~4-6 hours). It also was not hard to remove from the build plate, i scraped a corner up with a razor blade, heard a little pop, and it came off with no problem......except
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