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  1. Thanks for coming back. I downloaded - installed 4.3 Beta - followed trail to definitions = copied Aneta6 file - pasted to desktop, edited with a simple text editor I change Anet A6 to A8 - then I see this - which I drag n drop into definitions. { "version": 2, "name": "ABW_A8”, "inherits": "fdmprinter", "metadata": { "visible": true, "author": "Mark", "manufacturer": "Anet", "file_formats": "text/x-gcode", "platform": "aneta6_platform.stl", "platform_offset": [0, -3.4, 0], "machine_extruder_trains": { "0": "anet_a6_extruder_0" } }, The results are the same error pop up - I did the reset - no change and it leaves the parasitic clone A8 in place! I closed, removed the A8 file and it loads normal - no error pop up. I opened the file in my web application ( Dreamweaver CC) looking in code view it shows the printer name as being on line 2. I just wonder why in Windows it seems to be line 3. This { opens the file content and this closes it } So the top { is line 1 - is there any difference in Windows. Mind you if there is it will not change the apple code. So no change - it seems iMac and mini macs - don't like change! I did put the "mod" on FB in one of the A8 groups... it went on News Feed.... no responce.
  2. Seem I am the only person on the on this forum using NOT Windows ! But this "fix" does not work on iMac's
  3. OK... I get to 4.2.1. definitions - copy Anet A6.def.json using text editor change A6 to A8 and saved. copied and pasted this file in definitions and it sits under the Anet A6. I close definitions and and using the desktop icon - open Cura 4.2.1. - then I get the pop up warning that the A8 files has issues! I closed and reopened the Cura - the pop up did not show - but neither did the A8 option! Did a cold boot - re opened Cura 4.2.1 - pop up warning A8 etc. Unless a mac user is following and can get this to function - I am done. Thanks for your patience.
  4. Tried it this way first - nothing changed - assumed that as it did not say to rename the file before saving or drag n dropping it I was doing it wrong and thereafter did not rename the file.
  5. to clarify: copy file to desk top - edit and drag n drop back in the same folder it came from - which then overwrites the original files. So the the edited copy no name change - is correct? Also. you say line three - edit... but in my iMac file version - its second line... { "version": 2, "name": “Anet A6”, "inherits": "fdmprinter",
  6. My original post on this topic was around 12 months ago - the current revival was not at my request - but the opportunity to make a change is appreciated. However I have tried the process described above and it does not work on my iMac or mini mac. Nobody seeing this and being a mac user has come forth to declare success and new info - so unless it does, this thread is again here should any turn up:) Thanks to all for hints, tips and suggestion, all appreciated.
  7. I never said it was CSS - I noted that it appeared to be CSS. Json "overrides": { "machine_name": { "default_value": "Anet A6” }, "machine_heated_bed": { "default_value": true }, "machine_width": { "default_value": 220 }, "machine_height": { "default_value": 240 }, "machine_depth": { "default_value": 220 }, "machine_center_is_zero": { "default_value": false HTML webpage - uses CSS to create and present what is viewed online ie } .column-15 { width: 15%; } .column-20 { width: 20%; } .column-25 { width: 25%; } .column-30 { width: 30%; So you can see why I commentated - it appears to be CSS. my bit sends the condition on which the information from HTML and or Java assembled the visuals. The machine setting example - IMO - does the same - its the none visual code that collects the data - which is assembled and presented in the correct state and location. And its not unknown for code bearing one name/suffix to be used modified or not and given a different suffix. .jpg .jpeg might look and be different - but the end product is a visible photo image!
  8. I think my post confused you. Must be my writing "style" 🙂 No it does not work for me. This is the code which appears to be CSS ( I do a bit of web building) { "version": 2, "name": “Anet A8”, "inherits": "fdmprinter", "metadata": { "visible": true, "author": "Mark", "manufacturer": "Anet", "file_formats": "text/x-gcode", "platform": "aneta8_platform.stl", "platform_offset": [0, -3.4, 0], "machine_extruder_trains": { "0": "anet_a6_extruder_0" } }, "overrides": { "machine_name": { "default_value": "Anet A6” }, <------------------- "machine_heated_bed": { "default_value": true }, "machine_width": { "default_value": 220 }, "machine_height": { "default_value": 240 <--------------- }, "machine_depth": { "default_value": 220 }, "machine_center_is_zero": { "default_value": false }, "gantry_height": { "value": "55" }, **** I cut the start and end codes. "name" - I changed the one digit to "8" from 6. It does not change anything in Cura - I also changed the height size from 250 to 240 - again it did not chnage in Cura - both removed digits - showed when Cura is loaded. No sure if its a checksum issue or that the CSS code is basically the hidden structure code and what it is supposed to change is already locked on another part of the code. I am no expert in CSS - but in web stuff, if I change digits which refer to colours - I get a new colour! Also as you will have seen in yours - apart from the "name" the are other references to the A6. I tried changing them to A8 - but again, saved back to the resources and opening Cura - nothing changes visially.
  9. Mmm ! yes I used the existing suffix .def.json - just assumed the .def was a windows thing! with run it through again and just use .def EDIT. Just run through again saved with suffic just .def - No errors reported but the file still opens with the original title is I used the Anet A6 file - changed to A8 - so it seems add that the new saved altered file maintained the original title!
  10. Tried both ways - first copy and paste to get the file on desktop - edit and drag in the folder - that failed.... just opened the file and changed - that also failed - and restored it - opened 4.2.1 - no pop up - no problems. the Mac OS has "textedit.app" - which also opens the which opened the .def.json file - displayed the code and allowed changes. EDIT: I did the above from the applications folder= Cura was not open.
  11. 3D printing and the Curse Windows is everywhere! I use Apple iMac and iMac Mini . using a simple text editor - because ""Code Writer" Is a Windows app - I followed the guide and opted to chnge the Anet A6 - Anet A8! 3rd line down - changed it.. closed and saved - open 4.2.1 - pop up advises the is a corruption and offer the option to reset - and loose all printer configs - back to factory. Opened it up again checked and found two other instances of A6 so changed them.....same pop up error. so opened again and changes all back to the Anet A6 - saved to close....open 4.2.1. All back to normal. So its either an imac peculiarity - or the text editor is missing the X factor that is in "Code Writer'. It would be far more simple if Ultimaker restored that rename option. And if any staffers read this... what is the problem letting we off the lowly A8 clan want to see something better than a group of meaning Letters - that just clutter up the file and force a wait when scrolling down the Anet menu - while the long file name is rotating around to get to the start. So I dont and I am sure others just dont opt to add the printer name - or write it out for the gcode filename. And in this case why allow the Anet A6 and Not the A8 or other Anet clones????
  12. Trying some Sunlu Gold filament on "statues / Figures" I started with a Buddha followed by "Oscar and Maltese Falcon files off Thingiverse. Each when dropped into Cure 4.2.1 and 4.2 flashed the not watertight warning. Used the mesh extensions and "repaired" them" Each failed showing what looks like the Fuzzy Skin had been applied... thought it remains unchecked. After the first failure I also tried the "repair" using Ideamaker - which signaled the file was now OK. All teh files are scanned figures rather than "blocky" stuff conjured up in Tinkercad and all other models printed in either of the Cura version had problems. The picture of the Maltese Falcon, sliced in 3.6. small version was the test piece and both look OK. It seems that the Mesh repair tools in 4.2.1 and 4.2 are in some way affecting the structure. I submit this to check if others have these same issues. with teh version above.As it is I just use 3.6 for other figure models.
  13. In 3.6.0 I get this - CFFFP_60mm FanStand-Snap- A8-4. A8-4 being the printer name - BUT do we really need to know the actual printer type CFFFP_ which is not removable - of no interest to me or anybody else and is a stigma because I use an Anet A8. Why not leave it as was - A8-1_60mm FanStand-Snap ?
  14. I am just curios on two point (3rd being ego!) Is this change which occurred in 3.3.1 Intentional? If so...Why?? which is really for somebody with front office contacts or info. As an aging Adult - like many others with the cheapo clones printers.. I like to make it look better, and modify what can be do to improve for visual aspect. electronically safer and operating as best it can. Which for a cheapo Anet A8..is not over difficult for even my meager knowledge. Its just a little quirk that we give the printer "a name" and if the IT team doing Cura wanted to remove that option... WHY leave us paupers with CFDMP as a prefix.. what on earth is thw sense in that?? As a sulk I have turned off the info share options - so I don't confuse those who check it.
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