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  1. Hi, I have the exact same issue with my UM3 since 2 days : it stops after a few hours of printing displaying ER18. Reading your posts I guess that it may comes from the fact that I just moved my UM3 to the basement( with a washing machine next to it). It may afect the printer power management system (espacially if the UM engineers didn't separate the power circuit from the command circuit in the printer design...). Do you think that using a UPS could ease the pain ? Tkx Laurent
  2. Hi anyone, If I print (with only one extruder) from Cura, how can I get this 215 x 215 x 200 mm cube advertised on the UM3 specs ? Even with any adhesion methods turned off, the cube only turns yellow until it's scaled down to 83% May sound stupido but how could I print according to the largest build envelop ? Thkx
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