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  1. So sorry I thought I replied with my fix! I switched out hot ends to the spare that came with me UM3+ and my problem went away. That leads me to believe it wasn't software or calibration, just a messed up nozzle.
  2. Well at least you have a good first layer! I have a UM3e that I've had since Jan so I have used both 2.4 and 2.5 Cura software. I don't think it's too hot, especially since it's pretty far down on the low end of the temperature specs of the PLA. It's almost as if the nozzle is dragging on the bed, but I'm not sure what would cause it to spontaneously start doing that and I've done active leveling a few times. What I think I'm going to do today: - downgrade to 2.4 and see if that works - manually level and see if that works - switch to the extra hot end that came with my printer a
  3. Bed temp = 60 and 65 Layer height = 0.1mm Wall thickness = 2mm Infill = 0% Extruder temp = 200C (filament range is 195C-240C) Using Ultimaker transparent PLA, I tried a calibration type shape because I was having issues putting down the first layer. I have been through probably 4 kg of PLA filament with no issues. It appears as if there is either a temp problem or it doesn't know where it is on the z-axis, but I have used this filament sucessfully at this temp and I've run active leveling with no good or bad change in the result. See pics below. All of the filament diameter and extrus
  4. Wow that's surprising. I've been able to print half a dozen times on the same spot. I use hair spray so all I have to do is go over it a few times with a razor and respray when I print something else.
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