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  1. Hi, what to tune in my curra seting to prevent this ?
  2. Really nobody knows how to solve my issue :(? Is they a way to set 1st layer width in Cura 2.5 ? Why this new top/bottom layers width is made for ? Or why 1st layer width was deprecated ?
  3. I think You miss understood :-) please look at the material pane in Cura there are 5 temp settings 1) Default temp - It seams that it is only for reference do not affect anything directly, it have no sens for me also. 2) Print temp - that is understandable 3) Print temp 1st layer - that is understandable too, and this is what You describing. 4) Initial print temp - this is one of my initial question, what it this do ? 5) final print temp - this is second of my initial question.
  4. I use an old Cura 14.x and there was a setting called initial layer width, it was available in advanced tab, Now i change my soft to Cura 2.5 and i cant find it. I see setting to change width of top/bottom layers at the same time, but i do not want top layer wider. I used this setting better bed adhesion, last layer have pretty good stick and does not need to be wider.
  5. I do not understand this temps stings in new cura, can someone pls explain it to me: "Initial temp" If i set 1st layer temp to 200, initial does do not nothing it start printing when reach 200, so this settings is pointless ? And why someone wants to start print before desired temp is reached ? "Final printing temp" why someone should want to lower the final print temp ? What is a sens of this settings.
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