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  1. Thanks gr5. I have spent considerable time trying to get the printed part to come out with a nice smooth surface between the part and the support material with two different materials (ABS with Hydrofill; ABS with HIPS). The transition layers are now looking pretty good, but now I'm having issues with the rest of the piece (warping, oozing, curling, etc). I get one issue fixed and another develops. *sheesh* I have spent a bit too much time and I need to go back to printing both part and support with the same material just to get moving ahead again. I'll definitely come back to this issue and I'll post the solution when/if I get it. I appreciate your help. Regards.
  2. Is there a version that I can use which includes the "roof" option? I am using an Airwolf Axiom 20 dual printer.
  3. Using Cura 15.04.2 - I don't see "roof" settings anywhere. It does have Support settings, but they seem to be limited to Structure Type (Grid or Line); Overhang angle for support (in degrees); Fill amount (percentage); Distance X/Y (mm); and Distance Z (mm). I also see Top/Bottom thickness, but this only applies to the part and not the support structure.
  4. I realize this is an old thread, but I am having the same issue with the print above the support material. I have the dissolvable material, but I can't figure out how to make the last couple of support layers to be solid without making all of the support layers solid. Anyone have a solution?
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