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  1. Unfortunately I get it consistently , and only with TinkerGnome in E3D Titan V6 kit before getting the e3d one I was using the tinkergnome freely But then I had to E3d marlin version So if you have or you know someone who does have the e3d kit with the tinkergnome please link me as the marlin firmware is hard to deal with and hard to calibrate the printer with
  2. Hey there I know that this thread is old but I am having an issue with getting the e3d titan extruder kit to work with my UM2 Extended and TinkerGnome If anyone of you has made a modified version of it please I would like to try it Tried to compile TinkerGnome with my printer using arduino and given data in the e3d tutorial on what to change But I got ERROR: Tried printing out of printing area Please anyone who got this with his e3d and solved it show me how or send me his firmware update
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