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  1. Let the filament dry for 18-19h at 70 degrees celsius in the dry oven and tried to print again this morning. It did wonders . 4-5h was too short it seems. We used a raft (default settings) but it slid of the raft mid-print. Solved this by just using a brim on the next prints. Checked the humidity in the room and it was 59%. Too high may cause problems? Perhaps it will be easier to print during winter. We've got our question answered. Thanks for the help!
  2. This is the first print we did immediately after removing the vacuum package - which is how we want the print to look like. We're pretty sure there was enough tension. Quite a lot of force was needed to put it in the feeder. We didn't use the default settings on this failed print. We'll dry it overnight and try again tomorrow morning with the default settings.
  3. It performed as expected the first few millimeters. Then it seemed like it stopped extruding as much material as needed and ended up as in the first picture. The first few millimiters is actually quite strong when I bend and stretch. If the part is still too moist I guess a longer drying period is the only solution? After drying we immediatly put the print on, could the filament be too hot for the feeder? That doesn't explain the successfull first few millimeters though.
  4. We hoped 4-5 hours in a drying oven at 75 degrees celsius would be enough. We'll dry it for a longer period and then try again with the default print settings.
  5. Thanks for the reply:) We've printed various objects with the same results as shown. Minimal crackling and popping sounds. We adressed this anyway by drying the filament in an drying oven for several hours at 75 degrees celsius. The first print, started minutes after unpacking the filament and with the default nylon profile, came out good: The second print and the prints after however failed. Therefore the tweaks in print setup and material settings. Things we've tried: Loosened the grip on the filament to reduce grinding Atomic method and cleaned the nozzle with a needle - thick
  6. Hey, We've had problems printing with nylon: Does anyone know what's going on here and how to fix it? Print setup and material settings:
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